£60,000 electricity bill

  peter99co 22:44 03 Jan 2011

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How is it possible to run up a bill this size with only six fluorescent lights and a small freezer round the corner which runs on Eon only every now and again."

  QuizMan 22:50 03 Jan 2011

Not quite in the same league, but I had a water rates notification of payments amounting to £500 per month based on a meter reading taken after I have a major burst pipe problem.

  Forum Editor 23:04 03 Jan 2011

but if the electricity was consumed it must obviously be paid for.

Eon's point of view is that it has reduced the bill by 50% in recognition of its mistake in under-billing, but that doesn't alter the fact that the power has been used.

What always astonishes me in these cases is when the consumer pretends not to have noticed that bills were too low for what was being used. Most people have an idea about these things, and if you manufacture ice cream I would have thought you use a bit more electricity than six lights and a small freezer 'round the corner'. Judging by the sign at the business centre where this firm is based it actually occupies two of the units - If that's correct I would have thought that means a few more than six lights and a small freezer.

  spuds 23:47 03 Jan 2011

When we moved over to Eon, we had a few headaches in the services and information being provided. Even writing to the Customer Service Directors office as an higher level complaint brought more confusion. One of our problems was that we had two accounts for one address, using the very same services!.

Must say that when they send an overpriced estimated bill, they soon correct the problem if you give them a reading ;o)

  peter99co 10:18 04 Jan 2011

I wonder if they are seeing the electricity for all of the units in the block and the street lights outside. She needs to switch everything off and see if the meter stops running.

She may find she has faulty wiring and have to chase the other users for a share.

  Forum Editor 10:36 04 Jan 2011

That's always a possibility, but it happens only rarely; most people spot inordinately high consumption figures on their bill pretty quickly - it doesn't take ten years to realise something isn't right.

Street lights are run on specially separated circuits, they aren't likely to be the culprits. The electricity supplier says it fitted 'the wrong meter', so it sounds as though that's been at the root of this. No doubt we'll hear what happens if the customer takes legal action.

  spuds 10:54 04 Jan 2011

A point that I would want to raise, is why this was not picked up earlier, possibly by a meter reader, or a commercial address and business indication.

A friend of mine runs a fair size food processing business, and his bills are very high, due the the equipment and premises, and the procedures used. He was even 'fined' a few years back, for not being 'energy conservation conscious'.

With his procedures, he as to store large amounts of finished products, awaiting retailers instructions. Some of the warehouse type premises use very little electricity due their status.

  HondaMan 12:40 04 Jan 2011

Not if some "clever clogs" in another unit has reduced his bills! Believe me, it happens more than you would think.

  peter99co 14:41 04 Jan 2011

My thoughts exactly.

The most spectacular way I ever saw was in a cellar. Someone had driven a 6" nail into an inch thick underground cable and attached a bare copper wire to it. I think the return was via an earth but I never saw that.

They ran all the lights and electrical power tools from it.

The new occupier had to fetch in the Electricity Board to install a meter to make a legal connection.

  wee eddie 15:10 04 Jan 2011

Just a bald 'wrong type of meter' would not satisfy me.

I would like to know what type of Meter it was, what type of Meter it should have been, what the discrepancy was and how they calculated it. All displayed out in a manner that was understandable by the layman.

£6,000.00 a year, is a powerful quantity of Electricity. More than my Restaurant consumed, if I remember rightly.

I think that it might be worth their while considering consulting an Expert themselves.

  peter99co 15:30 04 Jan 2011

"and if you manufacture ice cream"

They do not make ice cream, they use self -employed ice cream sellers with vans.

From the link. "We don't manufacture anything here, there are no machines running"

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