5p on a Tin of Beer

  ulrich 18:24 15 Mar 2009

That will stop people binge drinking.

  Stuartli 18:36 15 Mar 2009

Have you been participating?

  Si_L 19:27 15 Mar 2009

You mean a 5p increase?

  oresome 19:27 15 Mar 2009

90p for 4X440ml 3% Hollandia beer at Asda....

  Bingalau 19:29 15 Mar 2009

I think I will just buy bottles instead...

  wiz-king 05:42 16 Mar 2009

Ugh - tinned fizzy pop! I have tried several tinned (and bottled) versions of good beers and they all taste different to the real thing.
I wonder - if they have to charge more --- who gets the extra money?

  ened 08:02 16 Mar 2009

"who gets the extra money?"

Another tax?

Hopefully there will be an election before this comes in and the new government will have more sense.

  Quickbeam 09:05 16 Mar 2009

"90p for 4X440ml"
Going to 95p won't stop the dedicated boozer... click here

  ened 09:30 16 Mar 2009

Exactly - All it will do is add extra expense to people like myself who enjoy a couple of glasses of wine every evening.

At the moment you can find some extremely palatable wines in places like Tesco for around £3:50.

This proposal of 50pence per unit minimum charge would increase that cost.

I don't doubt Liam Donaldson's integrity but the Government will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of being able to screw us with another 'justifiable' tax.

  interzone55 10:45 16 Mar 2009

Brown not really very enthusiastic about this

click here

Sir Liam suggested that this proposal could have a significant impact on crime rates.

Yes, break-ins at off-licences will be up, smuggling from Europe will be up, illegal distilleries will spring up & poison unsuspecting customers at car boot sales...

Why don't they go the whole hog & bring in prohibition?

  jack 11:38 16 Mar 2009

drinker they will simply cut other expenditure and of course as mentioned already will penalize those that are moderate drinkers.

Then only way to bring home forcibly to drinking idiots is to make a punitive charge for medical treatmnent/care brought about by achohol abose.

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