£5,000 penalty for using Olympic VIP lanes

  anchor 12:39 26 Oct 2005

Not really a computer issue, but of interest to those of us that live near some of the Olympic venues.

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I certainly did not want the Olympics in London. We in the GLC area are going to have to pay more council tax to fund it; (my present bill is already almost £1900/year).

  octal 12:50 26 Oct 2005

Sounds like a right little money spinner to me. I live about 40 minutes walk from what will be the main stadium, the only up side is the house prices in this area are not going down and will probably increase over the next few years.

  Jackcoms 14:36 26 Oct 2005

"£5,000 penalty for using Olympic VIP lanes"

Yet another reason that these so called 'Games' are the biggest, most expensive disaster to hit London for many, many years.

  wee eddie 14:54 26 Oct 2005

You Southerners are so negative!

  Confab 15:05 26 Oct 2005

It's only on TV for 2 weeks.

The building work has already started!

  Starfox 16:19 26 Oct 2005

Power mad beurocracy.:o)

  Haol 16:56 26 Oct 2005

thats crazy, i know im 14 and don't have to pay tax and blah, but really its just day light robbery and my personal view is that it's not going to benefit us in anyway.

  wiz-king 18:12 26 Oct 2005

What world do you live in!! Make it a month at least, then there will the 'because' and excuses not not getting as many medals as hoped for. I think it should be held in January the we could hibernate.

  €dstowe 18:40 26 Oct 2005

I'm even more pleased I moved my business out of London.

  Forum Editor 19:11 26 Oct 2005

about the UK Olympic games to sink a ship nearer the time. Let's talk about other things for a few years shall we?

  josie mayhem 19:21 26 Oct 2005

Hummm, I poder weather anybody be able to sweep past anything, it will be either the case that the cost of running a car will become beyond the affordablility of Joe Adverage, or that for saftey reasons and to prevent us from having accidents, you will be only allowed to travel anywhere with a chappie walking in front of your car with a flag....

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