50 up and summats gotta Change

  jack 14:10 20 Mar 2007

In a few short weeks us 2 will be celebrating 52 years together and 50 legal and something is going to change around here.
Well what have had for all that time, that could do with pensioning off?
Why the 3 piece of course
So we are on the verge or ordering its replacement.
The first thing we noticed was the size of the items easy chairs and sofas has increased -presumably to cater for the burgeoning girth of the population at large.
The houses how ever have not increased in size- indeed newer ones seem to be smaller.
And the prices - the one we have selected will cost the price of a new small car almost.
But what the hell......you cant take it with you - the money or the sofa

  amonra 14:17 20 Mar 2007

Been there, done that, got the T shirt !!!

I know exactly what you mean regarding 3piece suites, they are GINORMOUS ! It took us ages to find a comfortable 2 seater with nice small chairs to match. Good luck for the next 52 years.......

  Graham. 15:09 20 Mar 2007

Measure up carefully - it may not fit through the door.

  Graham. 15:14 20 Mar 2007

Will it be gold coloured by any chance?

  jack 16:59 20 Mar 2007

Graham wrote
Congratulations in advance

Will it be gold coloured by any chance?

The suite[Netural Timber-/autumnal shade for fabric
just ordered the samples form the range.
And our mutual sentance.

  jorel 19:25 20 Mar 2007

I know the feeling so well. The problem for me is not houses / suites. It seems to be that clothes manufacturers make sizes smaller as the years go by too. Medium used to fit me quite well but they are using much less material and making clothes so small that I have to get large now.

  spuds 20:01 20 Mar 2007

Got our 3 piece suite from a well known outlet, and it came with 11 'free' faults, so watch out ;o(

  Spark6 20:03 20 Mar 2007

Congratulations in advance Jack, hope all goes well with the furniture. Our golden one is this time next year but we bought a replacement suite a few years ago. Take heed of Graham's advice, our three seater settee would not go through a standard door opening, the patio doors were removable fortunately. Manufacturer's should be aware of this problem and should warn prospective customers!!

  tammer 21:33 20 Mar 2007

for a new sofa and chairs, and they sent their delivery guy round to measure whether they would fit through the doors before I had to commit to the sale.

Pretty good service I'd say.

  Chaz10 22:33 20 Mar 2007

AVOID CSL at all costs!!!!!!!!!!

i lived in a small open plan flat once, after a visit from the fire department i had to have 90 min fire doors fitted throughout, about 6 months later, when i moved away, i had to leave, bed, washer dryer, freezer, fridge and yes a sofa behind, and i think they will be there till the building is knocked or falls over.

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