5 year warranty

  User-994545 15:07 11 Dec 2007

can anybody give a good reason for buying 5 year warranties from retail outlets,pc world,comet,dixons ect.if you truly are desperately worried about hardware failure get insured ! but please shop around.fone up insurance brokers.get some quotes,dont just sign on the spot.save money.saving money is good

  Coffee Adict 15:46 11 Dec 2007

Is anything built to last five years these days. Bit rhetorical I know, but if you're talking PC's whats the point, you'll want to change it before the warranty is paid for.

  Jak_1 15:57 11 Dec 2007

I have found that if somethings going to fail it usually occurs during the first 3-6 months after purchase. I have never bought an extended warranty and as yet never had cause to regret it, maybe that's me being fortunate, maybe it's not.

  Si_L 16:19 11 Dec 2007

My granddad bought a microwave and purchased a 5 year backup guarantee, it broke down 4 and a half years later and they let him spend up to £300 on a new one.

When he only bought a £60 microwave, they gave him the £240 difference in a gift voucher, so I helped him pick out a TV too!

  User-994545 16:44 11 Dec 2007

makes you wonder how the companies can afford to be so generous ,it tells me they are making buckets of money out of it,

  octal 17:04 11 Dec 2007

My daughter bought a CD.radio from Argos for £19.99 they wanted nearly a tenner for the extended warranty, she said no thanks I'll chuck it away and buy a new one if it goes wrong.

  octal 17:08 11 Dec 2007

I've been reading this on the Which site: click here

  oresome 17:41 11 Dec 2007

Interestingly, my daughter as a student worked at a large electrical store and all the staff there purchased product replacement guarantees with their purchases.

The products invariably developed a 'fault' towards the end of the guarantee period and a new replacement was then obtained without so much as a knowing glance.

In fact this practise helped the stores sales figures and only the insurance company lost out!

This partly explains why these warranties can be so expensive to those that don't abuse them.

  anskyber 17:51 11 Dec 2007

Yes I tend to agree, if it's going to fail it probably will fail in the early days.

I do not buy extended warranties for that reason.

Sometimes and rarely the in store price from a major multiple or department store which offer free 5 year warranties do come very close to other on-line retailers, then it is worth it.

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