5-a-side comp. Suggestions please?

  Picklefactory 15:45 15 May 2008

Organising a fun footy comp at work, intention being to have a qualifying day where we sort two best teams to play a final on our works fun day later on in the month. Problem being we have 7 teams entered, and can't get another, 8 would have been nice - 2 leagues of 4 and winners go through. That's now out. Existing suggestions are one league of 7, where top 2 go through, but logistically difficult as requires 21 games in one day, or a 4 team league and 3 team league, where 4 league runner up plays 3 league winner. We intend to keep qualifiers to 20 mins, but that's still 2 hrs footy for a load of unfit amateurs for the single league. Looking for any ideas of a fair way to work the thing with not too many games.
Any suggestions?

  belfman 16:44 15 May 2008

Can you not get some ringers to fill out the numbers?

  Earthsea 16:59 15 May 2008

How about 4-a-side? If you removed 3 players then you could have 2 leagues of 4. The removed players could take on the roles of referee and assistant referees, so everyone's happy!

I know nothing about football.

  Coffee Adict 17:38 15 May 2008

Could you do it the other way and have five teams of seven and play a round robin. You could have subsidary prizes for quickest goal scored which may not neccessarily go to the winning team or best save, do they have goalies, 'fraid mine footie knowledge is lacking as well.

  Bingalau 19:08 15 May 2008

What do you mean "can't get another team of five"? Pretend you are a Sgt. major and detail five volunteers off for the job. Or maybe enter five ladies as a team. Who knows? They will probably win it.

  bluto1 19:50 15 May 2008

I like Coffee Addicts idea of a round robin, but rest times between games will be required to stop absenteeism the next day through fatigue.

I remember those well organised days Bingalau, and woe betide the man who limped after the game.

  Picklefactory 08:24 16 May 2008

Sorry for delayed response, out last night (Ooh my head)
OK, afraid sides are not really changeable as people have grouped together with their immediate work colleagues, and ringers are not allowed, employees only. So I'm stuck with 5-a-side.

  Picklefactory 09:02 16 May 2008

Am toying with idea of one Premiership and one Scottish league. Scottish league of 3 could maybe play each other twice.

  Bingalau 09:56 16 May 2008

If you had a longer time period you could perhaps organise it on the same lines as a "Squash Ladder"? Incidentally I think that system is the fairest method of ensuring that the top of it is also the best.

  Picklefactory 12:07 17 May 2008

Pssssst! What's a squash ladder? (Don't want to look stupid, so don't tell anyone)

  Bingalau 12:27 17 May 2008

Picklefactory. I just went to the very elaborate trouble of trying to explain a Squash Ladder... However if you click this link it will take you to an existing one..

click here

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