4x4 don't work

  Seth Haniel 18:09 22 Dec 2010

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Mass pile-up on icy US hill

There's no doubt that owning a 4x4 helps when it comes to tackling snow and ice on the road. But as this video proves, it's not a guarantee.

  Noldi 18:12 22 Dec 2010

4 x 4 is nothing without decent winter tires.


  lucky1 18:22 22 Dec 2010

Fed Ex guy got out the road sharpish!!!

  carver 18:42 22 Dec 2010

Once you brake you become a rather large sledge, comfortable but still a sledge.

  carver 19:13 22 Dec 2010

Don't be silly, you can tell it's America the way they are sliding on the other side of the road.

  carver 19:29 22 Dec 2010

Sometimes a posting is meant to be fun, not taken seriously and it can brighten up a dull day, not get into a deep discussion about comparing Britain with USA.

  Forum Editor 19:59 22 Dec 2010

and was given a lift across country by a man who was brought up driving trucks in the Montana winters. He took me through a place called Rogers Pass, where the temperature was minus 34C outside.

We were in a 4 wheel drive Jeep, the road was shining like an ice rink, snow piled a metre high on both sides and he was doing 50 round the bends. My heart was in my mouth, and my foot kept reaching for an imaginary brake. Seeing my alarm he just kept saying 'it's a knack, and we're perfectly safe, relax and enjoy the view'.

I felt like saying 'what view?' I couldn't take my eyes off the road.

  namtas 20:33 22 Dec 2010

As the article comments the guy with winter tyres was the only safe bet. Having watched cars slip slither, slide and skid on our snow bound roads this past week I feel rather satisfied having prepared myself with a spare set of wheels fitted with tyres for the conditions. In the video it looks like hard packed snow or ice, a 4 x 4 with heavy tread block tyres whilst ideal for mud and snow would have no advantage at all here, probably less because of the less surface area in contact, add to this their increased weight and you have a excellent sledge. In fact being flippant they probably would fare better fitted with slicks as it would provide a larger surface contact footprint.

  Monoux 21:37 22 Dec 2010

fourm member

re your post to carver

"Thank you for your lecture. I feel so much better for being talked down to."

Reep as you sow

  karmgord 21:47 22 Dec 2010

4X4 are no good if the road is blocked with rear wheel drive Mercs & BMWs

  Strawballs 21:51 22 Dec 2010

And of course you never talk down to people do you!!!

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