£4.4billion and no security???

  Seth Haniel 07:02 14 Sep 2008

click here

Hackers claim they have broken into the computer system of the Large Hadron Collider

  laurie53 07:51 14 Sep 2008

That's pretty frightening.

  Brumas 09:12 14 Sep 2008

just as long as they do not leave the results of their efforts on a laptop on the bus/train whatever.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:21 14 Sep 2008

Before the usual 'security' paranoia sweeps the forum.....
1) they hacked the website..no big deal.
2) they TRIED to hack the mainframe...I can try to hack GCHQs compuyers but I don't think I would get very far.

Triple yawn story on what must have been a slow news day.


  Si_L 10:12 14 Sep 2008

£4.4 billion just goes to show that absolutely everything is hackable.

  tullie 10:22 14 Sep 2008

Its only the web site as mentioned.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:25 14 Sep 2008

The absolute paranoia begins...:-(


  Seth Haniel 10:27 14 Sep 2008

do you think they'de tell us if their main frame was compromised -

And don't hold your breath for them publishing any results in the near future ;)

  Forum Editor 10:37 14 Sep 2008

A website was hacked - one that's used by scientists all over the world. It happens on a daily basis somewhere or other. The CERN system was not compromised, and I very much doubt whether anyone could get into it as easily, regardless of what a few hackers might say to the contrary.

Please try to resist the temptation to rush around in a lather of paranoia every time you read a story like this in a newspaper.

  tullie 20:30 14 Sep 2008

Well said FE

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