£4,350 per family to bail out Britain's banks!

  tein 17:37 04 Nov 2009

Terrible! just terrible!

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  wiz-king 17:58 04 Nov 2009

Not good news but had the banks gone bust it would have been more than that for me! Potentaly I could have lost about £60,000 in 'cash' and much more in pensions - if I live for the average lifespan.

  spuds 19:09 04 Nov 2009

And some bankers are still complaining that their bonus's and 'going rate' salaries are still not enough.

  Forum Editor 19:17 04 Nov 2009

Nowhere near as terrible as what would happen if we didn't do it.

  PP321 19:34 04 Nov 2009

What would happen? all this baffles me.

  hzhzhzhz 20:24 04 Nov 2009

"Nowhere near as terrible as what would happen if w

What would happen? all this baffles me."

I would think that for a start,a huge amount of mortgaged properties would have been reposessed and auctioned off quickly,even if the payments were upto date. Add to that all the other items that people bought with bank loans.
Not sure if they would have found enough buyers quickly mind.
Am I correct or not?.

  donki 15:41 05 Nov 2009

Its more a matter of that the banks shouldn't have needed bailing out in the first place. What needs to be done is every penny of money given to the banks by the tax payer is accounted for, laid out in a stratagy that is open for everyone to see. I feel that nothing really has been done or said that has the public trusting bankers again, I certainly don't.

  spuds 16:12 05 Nov 2009

And thats going to be a major problem on how the funding provided will be accounted. I bet that all the good parts that rise from the ashes are vertually given away, and the remainder will still be the publics responsibilty.

As I stated earlier, some bankers are still complaining that they are being under valued!.

  BT 16:43 05 Nov 2009

I've lost more than that in interest on my savings this year!!!

  Monoux 16:51 05 Nov 2009

I heard on the radio today that government debt is accruing at £56.00 per person per week in the UK. Another European country ( I can’t recall which was £36.00 per week ) and the lowest was £11.00 per week

So much for the statement by Brown and Darling that the UK was well placed to ride the storm

  Devil Fish 23:35 05 Nov 2009

had the banks not have been bailed out the consequenes for buisnesses and savers alike could have been catastrophic (and before i go on no i dont work for a bank).

London is probably only second to New york in the finacial world lots of companies use uk markets and banks to do buisness.

add to that people who have been frugal through out their lives and saved for the rainy day savings down the pan.

bottom line as much as i hate the goverment in power they had absolutly no option when it came to bailing out the banks sink or swim they chose the latter had they not i believe things would be a lot worse than they are now

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