40D Camera and old Canon Fit Sigma Lens

  Ex plorer 11:01 08 Aug 2009

Hi I have bought a 40D camera first move from 35mm.
I understand it has increase of 1.6 on the lenses as it is a cropped camera.
My old Canon 28-80 lens seems to work OK on the 40D.
My other lens are (Canon Fit) Sigma 105 Macro and the 170-500 which were bought for my 50e 35mm camera many years ago.
I emailed Sigma and they said they should fit and work OK.
Sigma said if they didn't work they would modify them for £5 per lens if I could show a receipt of buying and if not £33 pounds per lens.
Has any one put old lenses onto a new digital camera I don't want to damage the 40D.
Reason I asked Jessops about the sigma lens and it started a argument as to what it may do to the camera.

  hssutton 11:56 08 Aug 2009

There's no problem whatsoever.

What I find strange is in this present economic climate that Sigma are still charging only £33 per per lens to rechip their older lenses. That's the same amount as I paid in 2002.

So in answer to the last part of your question, I have put old lenses on my Canon cameras and I know of several others who have done the same.

All EOS lenses should work without problem regardless of their age

  Ex plorer 13:50 08 Aug 2009

Thanks for that tried them and they work fine.
Is there a chart on the net to give comparisons to a cropped frame camera 40D been 1.6 cant get that in my old grey cells of the equivalent.
I have looked but cant find any thing.

  hssutton 14:10 08 Aug 2009

Here's exactly what you want to understand crop factor click here.

  Ex plorer 15:11 08 Aug 2009

Thanks hssutton for your time and help its been appreciated.

  Forum Editor 00:38 09 Aug 2009

I discovered that my Sigma lens didn't work - it produced an error message. I had previously used it on a Canon film camera, and Sigma told me that the was due to the fact that canon had altered the electronics on the camera.

A very nice man at Sigma offered me a new lens that was a better specification than the old one if I returned the old lens and paid around £80 extra. I did so, and the new lens worked perfectly. It's worth checking with Sigma.

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