40,000 hit by Northern Ireland water crisis

  wids001 13:24 29 Dec 2010

Not that this is effecting myself, but I think that this is an absolute disgrace and a perfect example of profits over service.

Okay we can all go on about the under investment during nationalisation, but that was 15 odd years ago! This should not be allowed to happen.

No doubt the watchdog will impose a fine that will then be passed on to the customers. It is about time for goverment intervention and legislation that ensures that all customers effected by service faults from ALL utilities are compensated. Their next bill should be credited in full - perhaps then more would be invested rather than going into the pockets of the shareholders.

  sunnystaines 13:27 29 Dec 2010

with all the rain they very surprised it ran dry.

perhaps they need to get a de salination plant.

  wee eddie 14:29 29 Dec 2010

Firstly: They, the water Company, will have to bury their mains pipes, a little deeper, if such unprecedented temperatures are to be expected in the future. In their defence, no one was predicting temperatures as low as had occurred this winter.

Secondly: A considerable quantity of the water losses will be coming from the burst pipes in Business Premises, which will have been empty and unheated, over the Christmas Holiday and possibly the couple of days before that. There is no way that the Water Company can do much about that as, very probably, they are not allowed to cut off the Water Supply without a lengthy consultation Process.

  john bunyan 14:43 29 Dec 2010

NI water is state owned. Most leaks are on private property : see NI water statement:
"As a result of the high water demand being experienced (primarily due to a number of bursts to private supplies), a number of our reservoirs are currently at low water levels and we are trying to rezone and recharge the water network. NI Water have to alternate supplies from some of our reservoirs therefore customers will experience a loss of water for a period of time, however it is anticipated that this interruption will only last a number of hours and water will be restored to customers in a timely manner."

I spent quite a lot insulating my outside pipes this tear - I suspect that home owners in NI are unsed to extreme cold weather. I also heard that people were turning up at distribution points with no containers in spite of having been asked to do so...

  john bunyan 14:44 29 Dec 2010

tear = year - sorry

  Forum Editor 15:09 29 Dec 2010

no one was predicting temperatures as low as had occurred this winter."

Not that it would have mattered if anyone had predicted them - it wouldn't have had any effect on the depth of water mains pipes to private properties.

I very much doubt that the loss of water has occurred because of burst pipes under peoples' gardens in any case - most mains will be 500mm or more down, and it would have to be a lot colder to freeze pipes at that depth. Most - if not all - of the bursts will have occurred in pipes above ground, and that's the fault of the home-owners, not the water suppliers.

  spuds 15:22 29 Dec 2010

Not sure if it applied to Northern Ireland, but our local water companies seemed to have spent a fair bit on advertising over this bad period, in regards to leaks, bursts and possible protection methods.

Referring to Watchdogs intervention would prove very little. Our local water board as had its wrist slapped twice over the past 3 years, about wrongdoings. We got a small discount this year, due to previous years overcharging, but no where near what the water board had made out of this wrongdoing.

  sunnystaines 15:31 29 Dec 2010

its just been on the news, apparently they were asking why no one in NI pays any water rates?

  spuds 16:57 29 Dec 2010

Thats the answer then, they have been diverted or cut-off for not paying ;o))

  peter99co 17:33 29 Dec 2010

what is paid for and what is free in Ireland. North and South.

  Forum Editor 22:53 29 Dec 2010

I'm not sure why you think that GANDALF <|:-)> will know - he doesn't live there, or come from there as far as I'm aware.

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