The 40 best dying or dead technologies

  Clapton is God 15:30 29 Aug 2009

Reading through PCA's news article click here I'm proud to say that I still regularly use 11 of these, apparently, "dying or dead" technologies:

3. Getting a busy signal
15. Checking your answering machine
22. Storing data on a floppy disk
26. Putting in a video tape to watch a movie
29. Using proper grammar and punctuation
30. Flipping on an incandescent light bulb
32. Sitting in front of a CRT monitor
33. Playing music on a cassette
36. Looking up numbers in the Phone Book
38. Sending documents via fax
40. Giving someone your undivided attention during a social interaction

  crosstrainer 16:00 29 Aug 2009

Numbers 29 and 40 are still on my list, but fear the rest have gone the way of new technology!

  jack 16:45 29 Aug 2009

Wrote Crosstrainer.
I take it you mean as I think that MOST new technology- is no longer 'New' next week and has been discarded for something else usually equally short lived-
Think of how many techno marvels you can think of, hailed as the latest marvel only last year or the year before - now consigned to history,
What happens to the unsold stuff?
How many warehouses full of unsold junk do the likes of DSG have on some abandoned airfield?

  wolfie3000 19:40 29 Aug 2009

Few of them made me laugh,

9. Hearing the sound of a modem connecting.
Friend of mine has that sound as a ringtone, yeh hes a geek. :)

16. Enjoying complete privacy.
Tell me about it.

19. Seeing pages of phone sex ads in the back of magazines.
You obviously don't buy the magazines i do. lol

27. Holding up a lighter at a concert.
Ah those were the days, going to a Metallica concert in the 90s and holding up a lighter when they played the song Nothing else matters, burning your fingers as the cheap lighter was at near melting point.

Great article PCA.

  Stuartli 21:15 29 Aug 2009

The list doesn't seem to match up with the PCA story numbers wise.

Re incandescent light bulbs - been out today and bought two packs of 40w pearl candle bulbs for the oven cooker hood lighting as spares.

Low energy bulbs aren't much use in such surroundings (or most others for that matter, apart from landings, porches and similar areas requiring safety or security lighting).

I also stocked up on 150w bulbs about six months ago....

  Strawballs 21:53 29 Aug 2009

Am using CRT now

  JYPX 22:28 29 Aug 2009

I abandoned my CRT monitor only recently. I regard it's replacement (the ubiquitous TN panel) as temporary only and feel annoyed that this flawed technology (the viewing angles are truly pathetic - I like to move my head occasionally) has been foisted upon almost all of us.
Looking forward to to a choice of affordable IPS panels in the very near future.

  crosstrainer 07:54 30 Aug 2009

Good point:)) Remember a firm called "Ronco"?

Must have been tonnes of that stuff lying around...But it did not work!

  BT 08:44 30 Aug 2009

I replaced the cooker hood lamps with 7w Low Energy SES ones ages ago when Tesco had one of their promotions - 50p each if I recall. Much cheaper than the dedicated Cooker hood ones and work fine.

Local Tesco was selling 40w & 60w, 6 packs of standard BC lamps for 2 for £2 on Friday.

  jack 09:53 30 Aug 2009

Wrote Crosstrainer - Yes I do and things like abottle cutter to make glasses and vases
The TV ads always came on at Christmas, as did K-Tel.

Now it do have a K- Tel item in use to this day
Called 'Hair Magic' comprises of a handle with two grades of slip on comb into which a special single edge' razor blade' fits - to do haircuts on myself.
But where can I get replacement blades from now??????????

  Stuartli 11:27 30 Aug 2009

My two packs of 40w "candle" bulbs (Edison screw fitting) cost £1.98 for eight bulbs - the local shop wanted £1 per bulb...

Actually I've plenty of 60w and 100w bulbs, although the Tesco offer you mention is certainly a bargain.

I've also dozens of low energy bulbs, acquired from Tesco (1p each!) or Morrisons (five for 50p), as I've no intention of paying £3 or £4 each for them.

I still smile at the Tesco cash out girl's amazement that 20 bulbs cost me just 20p - along with the customers waiting in line behind me.

Even more amusing was the fact I learned later that Tesco had apparently imposed a strict limit of four bulbs per customer.

Such prices are possible because the energy companies have been promoting them for some time, along with their need to avoid threatened windfall taxes on profits from GB, then Chancellor.

It's also the reason for the free or low cost energy savings measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation.

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