4 Months to go!

  hereford456 12:22 12 Aug 2007

Just come back from shopping and a local shop has started selling Christmas decorations already!
All very strange as i'm stilling thinking of the summer or what we have left of it!

  4gig 12:35 12 Aug 2007

It could be worse.

Some companies have the nerve to release it's software systems 8 months before they properly service it by releasing a service pack for it.
That's what I call premature selling.

Not only that, at least most of my Christmas presents work straight out of the box lol.

  Stuartli 13:03 12 Aug 2007

Do you ever learn?

  Stuartli 13:05 12 Aug 2007

For anyone puzzled by that posting, see:

click here

  Stuartli 13:07 12 Aug 2007

I know some people who do even better than that.

They buy up all their needs for the following Christmas just after the festive period, snapping all they can in the sales of such products held by big supermarkets in late December/early January...:-)

  spuds 13:22 12 Aug 2007

Harrod's have already had Christmas display and media photographs published (snow falling in an heatwave).

Some of our local stores are selling off all the garden accessories etc at high discount prices, and the self/floor spaces are being stocked or set aside for Christmas goodies. Order your Christmas Turkeys or Christmas veggie products now ;o)

  User-1159794 14:10 12 Aug 2007

You are too hard on 4gig,he makes me smile.
There are enough serious folk on this forum to keep you happy.
Let 4gig spout his nonsense.
Loosen up a bit.

Topics on this forum which start out on a lighter note,invariably end up being hijacked by the 'I've a serious comment to make brigade',

4gig's posts and comments are harmless,long may he continue.

  4gig 14:12 12 Aug 2007

A real thanks Stuartli for the link into the Vista wilderness forum which has been mooted for extinction on many occasions due to lack of interest.

I posted the said thread into this section but I quietly predicted that it to be moved. The FE is fully entitled to do so but it wasn't a precise Vista technical question but a rolling and gathering observation on Vista.

This observation is of more value to users who are not already using Vista so therefore sits nicely into this section .That is why many genuinely feel that any Vista negative comment is being starved of clean oxygen.

Let's be honest service packs simply detail the inherent failings. Who can't see the reality to that now?

And let's all hope that by Christmas everyone will be delighted to get a fully functioning Vista pc.

  4gig 14:14 12 Aug 2007

Rapscallion, cool lol .

  Stuartli 16:44 12 Aug 2007

>>but a rolling and gathering observation on Vista.>>

More like a demented obsession it seems to me.

  FungusBoggieman 16:57 12 Aug 2007

dont know about the companies but we have brought nearly all christmas pressies already for this year well the misses has.
hope that the box she got me isn`t VISTA
dont want it

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