3rd runway approved by Hoon

  JanetO 14:10 15 Jan 2009

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I for one knew this would get ministerial approval at some stage. It has been on the cards since day one. It's just like the 5th terminal situation when the government paid lip service to us plebs and 'pretend' everything is done 'democratically'. But really it's just a forgone conclusion.

  oresome 14:28 15 Jan 2009

Aren't the Conservatives opposed to this expansion?

That and the fact the required land is being sold off in 1 foot square plots should ensure there's still some way to go before this project gets off the ground. (Pun intended)

  Clapton is God 14:53 15 Jan 2009

And this would be the same 'Buff' Hoon who had a rather undistinguished tenure as Secretary of State for Defence a few years ago.

Ye, Gods.

  pcmags 14:56 15 Jan 2009

Phew glad the did not pick on Gatwick;-)

  Clapton is God 15:03 15 Jan 2009

So am I, given that I live less than 3 miles down the road from LGW.

  pcmags 15:15 15 Jan 2009

Yep could have been subject to a compulsory purchase if a new runnway had been built at LGW!

  perpetual motion 15:54 15 Jan 2009

compulsory purchase now thats something the goverment will throw at Greenpiece if this does really go ahead & buy that plot they bought to block the progress, watch this space..

  Stuartli 15:58 15 Jan 2009

The Tories say they would scrap the third runway scheme.

  johndrew 15:59 15 Jan 2009

Watching the announcement in Parliament on the lunchtime news, it quickly became apparent that certain MPs are concerned to curry favour with businesses - in the hope of future employment perhaps?

However the same spin and nasty rhetoric existed as for anything opposed by other parties/individuals.

  sunnystaines 16:11 15 Jan 2009

I live very near near heathrow and although not directly affected by the runway clearance of buildings the extra pollution and the noise will get worse, look forward to foggy days for peace and quiet. i would be for the one years ago suggested that was out in the thames estuary that affected no one.

so much for greener a Great Britain

  JanetO 17:25 15 Jan 2009

Even in Kingston we get woken by takeoffs at 6am. And that's a few miles from the airport. We never had this level of noise a few years ago so something has changed. Either the control tower is sending off planes at a different angle than they used too, or the lift-off isn't as steep as before.

I seem to recall hearing that take-offs were once every 2 minutes but fairly recently that level changed to one every minute. That's a lot of planes leaving Heathrow every day.

Years ago we used to live in Heston directly over a flight path and the noise was so bad conversations would stop until the offending plane had gone over.

Councils now recognise that noise pollution is a leading factor to ill-wealth and now have noise abatement officers.

Hoon has shown himself in the past to have no socialistic tendancies, and once again he's acted for selfish businesses and not in the public interests.

Hopefully, this project will gather mothballs for ever, especially if the Tories get in. But then again we've all heard the promises of politicians.

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