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  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:36 02 Mar 2005

FE - I hope this is ok to post?

Hi all,

3PAY has a wierd price plan you can top-up minimum of £15 and then after 30 days if the credit is not all used up it will be taken off and you will have to top up again.

A freind of mine tells me they don't take your credit off anymore.

Can anyone tell me if this is true?


  JonnyTub 22:50 02 Mar 2005

I'm not certain on this ben but the 30 day limitation is applied to how long the voucher lasts for, not how long the credit stays on the phone for for.

i.e. a voucher of £15 is purchased and you don't ring up to credit your account with the voucher within 30 days, you've lost that £15. :-(

i.e.2 a voucher of £15 is purchased and you top up your phone within 30 days with the voucher number, you get your credit and it lasts until you've used it.

hth and i may be wrong, JT

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:11 04 Mar 2005

Hi jonny,my freind has given me his reciept for a 3pay topup and on the receipt it says

'Airtime credit expires 30 days from topup'

So it does expire,but i wonder still if 3pay have stopped this,because when orange,02 ect go 3G they will loose.

Thanks anyway for commenting.

p.s the voucher expirary date is 90days :-)

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