300 Years Old Today

  Chris-347369 08:26 16 Jan 2007

In any other country in the world today would be a bank holiday! Instead today we're all at work while the UK turns 300.

In 1707 the Act of the Union was signed joining England and Scotland together.

However the debate at the moment is whether the two countries should stay united?

What's everyone's views? Would creating an English parliament drive a wedge between the two countries or would it make the UK work a lot better?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:59 16 Jan 2007

The Scottish Parliament building (aka 'the butt ugliest building in the world) was over three years late with an estimated final cost of £431m, substantially higher than initial costings of between £10m and £40m' No style, no financial management, no time management. Not an auspicious start. Need I say any more?


  Bingalau 09:04 16 Jan 2007

More should be done to unite the British people rather than dividing them. We are all intermingled now anyway, I've got Scottish and Irish blood in me somewhere and although I am English, I would love the lot of us to be just one nation. It makes more sense than dividing people. ..Bingalau..

  wee eddie 09:44 16 Jan 2007

Yes we are.

I expect that Europe, and it's Government, will become the dominating force over the next 50 years or so as local legislatures wither on the vine.

Global population shifts are becoming more and more noticeable. America has been the forerunner of this trend but Europe is becoming more and more a mixture as Scots move to Spain and English move to Germany, or vice versa, to follow their careers.

There will be some short-term in-balances as, for example, when the only Plumbers you can find in Nuneaton are Polish but these will balance out in a decade or so.

So Europe will become a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Society. England, Scotland & Wales will be part of Europe as Alabama & Connecticut are part of the USA

  Bingalau 09:53 16 Jan 2007

wee eddie. I hope they don't all have their own individual parliaments. (Tongue in cheek) ..Bingalau..

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:28 16 Jan 2007

is the day that we should mark in some way. The two Acts of Union were passed in 1706 and 1707 but it was on the 1st May 1707 that the acts came into effect and the union was created.

click here

  Z1100 10:58 16 Jan 2007

This day was National Nothing Day, set aside each year for people to sit around for the entire day and just hang out. No celebrating, observing or honouring anything. I think that is much better than any debate on the State of the Union.

On a serious note though, even though I am a Nationalist I think the Union will continue to be both more prosperous and secure for all four countries.


  Bingalau 12:07 16 Jan 2007

Z1100. Damn good idea, well I like it anyway. we used to have one every week it was called "Sunday" some of us used to go to church just to pass the time away. ..Bingalau..

  MichelleC 12:42 16 Jan 2007

Now this is a bit of a paradox. We've got at least 3 scots in the English cabinet (1 died). Are we allowed to have any English in the Scottish cabinet?

  microcoder 13:02 16 Jan 2007

Remember If Scotland go down the independent road then England will be Tory for the long,long haul.

Then,this will encourage the English regions to break up; when they realise the strength of regional unrest and poverty.

The Scots do rule and control the balance of English powers at present.

Granted Scotland may fail in their solo quest but "All hail to thee.King of Scotland".
I have this feeling that The Queen would rather be Scottish and always looks much happier when there.

I'm sure the Scots will be more prudent with their own money.They did seem to waste Mummy's money on that big fat Parliament building but 'bigger fool Mummy'.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:06 16 Jan 2007

"The Queen would rather be Scottish"

I thought she was German.

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