30 pips

  acceptmyname 00:57 06 Sep 2007

I was feeling hungry and thirsty earlier so I went to my fridge hoping that there would be a nice juicy orange in there but all I had to make do with was 3 mandarins, I ate the 1st manadrin and it was lovely and juicy and not one single pip, I then proceeded to eat the 2nd manadrin and you wouldnt believe it but it had 30 pips in yes I say again 30 pips now that must be some kind of record.

  sunny staines 02:04 06 Sep 2007

did you eat the pips. In oranges,melons, and grapes i always crunch them up and eat them.

  rdave13 02:44 06 Sep 2007

Never thought of you as a pip eater..there you go eh.?

  wiz-king 05:57 06 Sep 2007

Serves you right for eating the wifes one.

  Forum Editor 06:49 06 Sep 2007

when there was a thread about the number of pips in a mandarin, but I was wrong.

  sunny staines 06:54 06 Sep 2007

it was middle of the night and a lack of posts coming in so someone had to say something.

  Seth Haniel 08:43 06 Sep 2007

takes the Pip

  interzone55 08:43 06 Sep 2007

Now that's a bizarre thought...

Do you have a list of thread titles that you don't expect to see?

  Quickbeam 08:51 06 Sep 2007

I prefer to eat pip laden fruit standing on the patio, then I try to beat the previous pip-spit record... currently with orange pips I can reach the second climbing rose at the end of the garage, the red rose.

The best distances are reached with a N East wind as the red rose is in the right place to take advantage of this.

However, with cherry stones I can reach the olive tree.

Plum and peach stones are just too heavy to send any distance. They require a huge intake of breath with the stone in the mouth , and therefore probably are a health & safety choking hazard... On the H&S subject, anyone down in the garden should I suppose wear a hard hat, goggles & a hi-viz vest to avoid any personal injury risks.

  v1asco 08:59 06 Sep 2007

you forgot steel toe caps, just in case you dropped a pip on your toe :-)

  Sapins 09:10 06 Sep 2007

The world prune stone spitting championship is held hear every year, don't know what the record is but I might enter next time!

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