30 million car radios scrapped...

  Seth Haniel 12:44 03 Aug 2009

or will be when the digital radio takes over and the big switch is pulled on traditional radio.

There a still large areas of the UK that cannot recieve the new digital radio and a lot with poorer reception than the present FM stations.

So why the unneeded change ?

  dagnammit 12:46 03 Aug 2009

Because the government said so.

  Colin 13:00 03 Aug 2009

Seth Haniel - do you have a link to this story?

  anchor 13:44 03 Aug 2009
  Seth Haniel 13:49 03 Aug 2009

Debate on radio BBC4 on Saturday lunchtime

  amonra 14:53 03 Aug 2009

Quite true, and also think of the extra money we can make by re-licencing that bit of frequency !!!
Then the extra money we can make taxing the new radios !!! It goes on and on and on.............

  laurie53 15:24 03 Aug 2009

This is only a target, not a set plan.

I suspect that the majority of car radios are less than six years old, and if, not when, this target is met the number of redundant radios will be well below 30 million.

On a personal level I already have DAB in the car and local coverage (Tayside and Fife) is much better than FM, and in some areas better than AM.

  [email protected] 15:36 03 Aug 2009

I, for one, am not looking forward to the changeover. Not only is the sound quality of DAB rather poor (128kbps mp2, hardly crystal clear CD quality like the adverts claim), I think the sound of analogue interference is far easier on the ears than the horrible bleeping sounds of digital interference, which will be of a concern when travelling by car.

I'm not sure what DAB+ and DMB-A are like, which are referred to in the article, but knowing what the UK is like when embracing new, superior technologies, I'm not holding my breath.

  Armchair 19:13 03 Aug 2009

About 95% of the time I only listen to CDs when I'm driving anyway. Most of the stations play absolute rubbish most of the time!

  oresome 19:30 03 Aug 2009

Add on millions for the home radios that will stop working and it's a safe bet that the switch over won't happen in the timescale envisaged.

  johndrew 19:35 03 Aug 2009

You mean like the change to digital TV ;-)

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