3 years on and still no protection

  a member 13:14 22 Feb 2006

3 years ago , I biult my own pc , installed hyperos and various OSs , and decided to surf without any protection , using the ramdrive (hyperdrive) this is I suppose an update , for after all this time i have continually surfed the net without any form of protection .no antivirus ,firewall or spyware programs.
a lot of members caled me crazy ,even the forum editor , seemed to think i was riding my luck, but here i am going strong .
with a 100% clean pc .and no i have not had to format or renew the os i was using .I only did it as a test to see if surfing this way was feasable , but it has been easy , and surfing is fast and efficient even without broadband .
I am not recommending that others should attempt to do this , just showing that its possible with a little thought and careful setting up.
when i tried to explain this last time most members who replied seemed of the oppinion that i was lucky and said it would only be a matter of time before i got hit (big time )
well i think a couple of months even a year maybe lucky , but 3 years , I think i have made my point .

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:27 22 Feb 2006

I've not used a firewall for over 3 years without any problem and I have listed on this forum the reasons why I choose not to use a firewall. I use AVG though as an AV and MS Defender.


  SG Atlantis® 13:40 22 Feb 2006

how do you know you're clean? With no scanners to detect anything?

I spend as little time as possible scanning and using AV and AS programs, using them about twice a month, ZA doesn't require any interaction either. I think it's worth it to have some protection.

You sound like a boastful bedhopper that hasn't caught an STD yet... you will.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:03 22 Feb 2006

*ahem* AVs and Firewalls did not stop Spyaxe and all it's variants.


  wolfie3000 14:13 22 Feb 2006

This is why i always use an up to date fire wall.

click here

  powerless 14:31 22 Feb 2006

One by one lets go through those access attempts.

  wolfie3000 14:35 22 Feb 2006

lol what all 129,471 of them?

  SG Atlantis® 14:41 22 Feb 2006

Never heard of spyaxe...

Just googled it and it uses a trojan to download... so how would an AV and firewall not help prevent it?

I genuinely want to know.

Gandalf you might want some lozenges for your throat... "*ahem*"

  a member 15:06 22 Feb 2006

SG Atlantis. I said that i surf without any protection , i did not say i did not have any .
nor did i intend or expect the replies i got .
surely some of you are aware of HyperOS and its ability to run windows 9x from ram .
this along with a few careful tweaks , like not having any operating system on C , and a number of IE and OE tweaks .mean that i can surf as much as i like using the ramdrive (Hyperdrive)
if any virus or any other problems occur , I simply reboot , and in doing so the ram is wiped , and the same system as before reloaded back into it .
this means that the system being used never changes , and is as fresh as the day i set it up .
I do however have a full set of antivirus antitrojan and spyware tools fully up to date on a different os , i boot into that drive about once a week to update the programs and scan the entire system .but to date it has never detected any problems . I do get the occasional file downloaded to C / temp . a folder i created just for that porpouse , but as there is no OS on C any files are dormant and can be easily deleted from any other drive .
with all of the viruses doing the rounds this last few years i would have thought that i had at least made a point after 3 years running clean.
my system works for me .but it would not be for most of you . just pointing out what is possible thats all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:08 22 Feb 2006

Spyaxe, like other similar programmes, asks you if you want to get rid of spyware or similar. By clicking yes you inadvertently allow the programme to download. The firewall will not stop it as you have given the programme permission to run. This is how these programmes bypass all protection. On most computers that I see, the only thing that has no protection is the operator.

wolfie3000..as I have written many, many times on this forum, the intrusions are NOT intrusions by hackers. Every time your computer is connected to the net it receives handshake attempts from other servers. When you connect to a site you do NOT visit the site, it is sent to you and can go through 50 servers just to reach your IP address. All servers will constantly 'check' your IP address to ensure that you are still online. These are the 'intrusions'. Firewall companies know this but use paranoia to bull up their claims. If the claims were true there would be a whole country of hackers after your computer and why they would be interested in a home computer beggars belief.

I'm afraid it is all the usual old bull.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:10 22 Feb 2006

ps...my AV has never ahd a virus alert in 3 years. There is a gross amount of hype and paranoia about viruses and trojans and people like 'barrow boy' Steve Gibson are not helping matters at all.


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