£2,500 handout to scrap your old car

  oresome 13:20 11 Mar 2009

It seems the Germans have revitalised their car market with a similar scheme and we may follow suit.

click here

I think the downside is the high depreciation experienced in the first year of new car ownership. I usually buy at 12 months old with something approaching a 50% discount on new price.

  interzone55 13:55 11 Mar 2009

This would kill the used car trade.

Also, the first time this scheme was mooted it was on green grounds, but I'm pretty sure building a new car creates many more emissions than running an old car...

  hssutton 14:58 11 Mar 2009

Maybe if the car manufactures, well Toyota, could deliver the the car you want, it would be a good idea.

I've been after a 7 seater automatic Verso since before Christmas, but there's none to be had.

  Chegs ®™ 15:06 11 Mar 2009

Our government simply cannot decide on the best course of action.Not so many years ago a scheme was introduced to allow owners of old "classics" to be given free road fund licences,now the government is talking about paying people to scrap older vehicles.

  carver 15:43 11 Mar 2009

If you need a new car you could get a bargain especially if you bought some thing like this to trade in click here

Or would that be cheating

  caccy 17:40 11 Mar 2009

A good idea provided the vehicle purchased is built here and the vehicle being scrapped realy is uneconomic to keep on the road.

  techlove 14:24 16 Mar 2009

remember those masive old tomtom thatn looked like a bowling ball with a screen and weighed more? I do

  crosstrainer 14:26 16 Mar 2009

I don't think it would kill the used car trade....It only applies to cars over 9 years old. Most of these are due for retirement now surely?

  interzone55 14:41 16 Mar 2009

Yes, but why trade in a 6 year old car for £1500 when you can wait 3 years and get £2500 to scrap it...

  john bunyan 18:46 16 Mar 2009

Can you buy a 10 year old banger for £500 and get a £2500 scrap voucher ?

  WhiteTruckMan 18:56 16 Mar 2009

have some sort of legislation about the maximum age of vehicles allowed on the road, explaning the plethora of grey imports and cheap used engines/parts/whole cars in asia?


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