25 years of Excel

  VoG II 12:39 02 Jan 2011

Interesting article for Excel nerds like me :o)

click here

  peter99co 12:55 02 Jan 2011

Many of us are glad you are here when things get tough.

  Noldi 13:56 02 Jan 2011

How did we ever work without it.


  peter99co 14:04 02 Jan 2011

We had a chap at my old office who had a huge board on the wall and would spend hours changing the values in the different cols and rows. This was just to track component requirements in an Industrial Knitting Machine.

He would have loved Excel but it was not around.

  Chris the Ancient 14:59 02 Jan 2011

That is a good article.

Makes me think of just how long I've been using it (not always successfully) - right back to the days before using BASIC for macros (Excel 4?); so at least 15-16 of those 25.

Like peter99co, I'm always glad of help with VoG™ helping out at times ;-))

  uk-wizard 16:50 02 Jan 2011

New fangled program - grin
Still drink my coffee from a VisiCalc mug.

  morddwyd 16:59 02 Jan 2011

Used to have to keep track of a dozen or so lifed components on each of up seventy individual aircraft (and I was just one of dozens!).

Chinagraph shares must have crashed when Excel became widespread!

  DippyGirl 18:08 02 Jan 2011

1 2 3

  OTT_B 18:44 02 Jan 2011

25 years? And it took 22 of them to give accountants what they wanted - 1 sheet per day of the year!

Good article, thanks VoG™

  wee eddie 18:50 02 Jan 2011

I learnt the basics at the local Tech, Evening Classes mostly, but without your help, many of my more useful Spreadsheets would never have worked, properly.

Many Many Thanks.

Interestingly, when my Bank came to look at my Annual Forecasts, they never requested to look at the Formulas used. It was sufficient for them that I had done the whole Spreadsheet, Graphs and Pie Charts, using Excel.

The Restaurant lasted the full 25 years of it's Lease and in some years those Forecasts could have got me a Booker Prize!

  Fermat's Theorem 20:44 02 Jan 2011

that if computers had been invented for nothing else than running spreadsheets they would still have justified their existence.

Happy new year to all. :-)

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