24 hour blood pressure monitor

  The Brigadier 12:21 22 Oct 2008

Just been put on a portable blood pressure monitor to check out my blood pressure for the next 24 hours.
Got to go about my day as normal as it does a reading every 1 hour during the day & every 2 hours during the night.
So a normal day it will be!

  Seth Haniel 12:42 22 Oct 2008

stay away from this Forum if you want to calm your bloodpressure :)

  jolorna 13:09 22 Oct 2008

you will find it will do some random ones as well, just to check your not sedating yourself every hour, also if your doing something at the time it will retake it as your supposed to keep your arm still while its pumping

  Seth Haniel 13:58 22 Oct 2008

the nightmare begins - evil forces grabbing your arm :)

  Condom 14:32 22 Oct 2008

Well you finally got your sleeves rolled up or have they put it somewhere more exiting?

  sunny staines 15:21 22 Oct 2008

its 24 hour as BP is never the same it changes depending on which arm and if standing, sitting lyingdown, stressed or relaxed.

if you can see the reading lie down and get someone to massage soles of your feet to see it drop then rise when they stop.

  €dstowe 16:28 22 Oct 2008

The most common reason for having these 24 hour readings is for people who have "white coat hypertension" - those whose blood pressure rises enormously whenever they visit their healthcare professional. There is no obvious reason for this most times but it is very common.

Just ignore the machine as best you can but remember to make a note of the things you were doing when it took the readings.

  Forum Editor 19:35 22 Oct 2008

to spend a 'normal' day when you know that a device is monitoring your blood pressure. Good luck, and I hope it all works out.

  The Brigadier 11:37 23 Oct 2008

Well looks OK.
A few times in the day it's high but mostly over a 3 hour period.
Will have in monitored over the next month.
And then my GP will decide if i need to go on any medication to lower it.

  Seth Haniel 09:33 24 Oct 2008

click here

The gas best known for being used in many stink bombs may also control blood pressure, say US researchers.

Small amounts of hydrogen sulphide - a toxic gas generated by bacteria living in the human gut - are responsible for the foul odour of flatulence.

But it seems the gas is also produced by an enzyme in blood vessels where it relaxes them and lowers blood pressure.

  canarieslover 14:06 24 Oct 2008

Why is it then that my wife and I both suffer from high blood pressure and I can empty a room in seconds? Should I offer myself for medical research, or would the mice object?

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