2011 Census

  simonjary 10:43 21 Feb 2011

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The 2011 Census takes place next month (March 27, but online submissions open from March 4), and you can submit your answers online this time round.

Anyone planning not to take part, register as Jedi Knights, etc?

  mole44 10:51 21 Feb 2011

I`ll take part but will do it on line,as usual i don`t think we have anything to fear.

  Forum Editor 10:58 21 Feb 2011

to see how many people choose to complete the census return online, and how the site takes the strain.

  Woolwell 12:05 21 Feb 2011

Previous censuses are a very useful tool for family history but I have found they are full of holes with people entirely missing, misspelt names, wrong ages and wrong relationships.

  dororof 14:06 21 Feb 2011

How secure will this site be,given the information the GOV will be demanding.??
Prime time for the cybercrims, i guess.
If you do the census and return by post and it is lost,
are you held accountable ? if so
will you have to pay the fine ?

  interzone55 14:25 21 Feb 2011

I wasn't aware that you could enter the Census data online before the 27th.

I thought the census applied to all people in the house on 27th March, which gives me something of a dilemma, as I'm moving house on the 25th March, so do I enter the data early at my current address, or wait until the 27th and fill it in for my new address.

Not sure I want to enter the data online anyway, as I'm fairly sure that there won't be enough server capacity to handle the demand, just like the launch of the Police crime maps site, and every time they put old census data online.

With regard to entering your religion as Jedi etc, I really don't hold with that kind of foolishness. The census is a very serious matter, and future public service provision budgets depend on accurate census data, and as Woolwell mentions, historical census data gives a very useful tool for researching history, and I'm not sure thousands of people falsely claiming to be Jedi, or saying their religion is Heavy Metal (this year's Facebook campaign) will be of much help to history researchers.

Unlike the Suffragettes who spoiled their census forms in a protest about the form assuming that the head of the household was male.

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  simonjary 14:42 21 Feb 2011


The problem with misspelt names, wrong ages, etc is greater in the 1800s censuses – which is where we can now actively look at the records.

Twentieth century results – and certainly this one when submitted online – should be much more accurate.

Of course it is still dependent on householder’s accuracy and honesty!

  simonjary 14:43 21 Feb 2011


“The answers you give should be about the people living or staying with you on that day, even if you fill in your questionnaire before, on, or after 27 March 2011.”
So you can fill in the form earlier but I presume it can’t be sent until after March 27.
Otherwise, as you say, it kind of defeats the purpose of giving a one-days snapshot.

  Woolwell 14:46 21 Feb 2011

The Twentieth century one available 1901 and 1911 are not much better than the 1800's. It is to be hoped that the twenty first century ones will be more accurate but not if people can enter Jedi.

  interzone55 15:05 21 Feb 2011

But if you enter the Census online before the 27th how will you know who is going to be in your house on the 27th.

For me it will be my girlfriend, me and the dog, but my sister often has other people stopping round at short notice.

Perhaps the online form is only for the likes of Mystic Meg...

  eikonuj 15:06 21 Feb 2011

There will be thousands upon thousands of people not completing the census form correctly if at all i.e. illegal immigrants, unemployed claiming housing benefit etc. while renting rooms out,indeed the lodgers themselves,those living in one house while claiming for another, anyone who 'shouldn't be there'.
There must be more.
The census ,while sometimes useful is a farce.
Completely unreliable.
I presume the 'Government' has all our details anyway but why volunteer information?
Of course the information gleaned will be truthfully disclosed to everyone....errrrr I think not.

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