2009 version

  sunny staines 20:34 18 Sep 2008

its getting close to that time when the 2009 version of most software come out. I refuse to get caught up in this hype unless there are features I need.

should software makers wait till they have worthwhile updates rather than cosmetic ones just for the sake of a new version.

  Forum Editor 23:17 18 Sep 2008

have businesses to run, and profits to make. It's up to them to decide when they produce new versions, and it's up to us to decide whether we buy them or not.

  Condom 01:14 19 Sep 2008

Its already started. You can always tell when Norton whatever ver 2008 starts being hyped at half price that 2009 is waiting in the store room.

  Noldi 06:21 19 Sep 2008

It does not stop car makers changing the shape of a head light and claiming a newer model, But then just a numberplate number is enough for some people. Why should the software industry be different I think its called making money.


  BT 08:28 19 Sep 2008

Adobe is one of the worst with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
Elements 6 has barely got established and there's Elements 7 available.
And whoever can keep updating the full version of Photoshop. At the price it is, its a one off considered purchase for anyone who can afford it. Even profesional people must think twice before laying out hundreds of pounds every couple of years.

  Quickbeam 08:40 19 Sep 2008

"Even profesional people must think twice before laying out hundreds of pounds every couple of years."

Whether it be Photoshop, Sage or a gardeners spade, it's just a tool for a job that gets replaced regularly and the tax benefit claimed.

  lofty29 12:17 19 Sep 2008

What is even worse is when the newest and bestest is a total load of rubbish, I had a top line (paid for) security suite for a number of years, will not mention the name. They brought out a 2008 version, totally messed up my pc, took me two days to get it running again, needess to say cancelled the subscription.

  Cymro. 12:26 19 Sep 2008

With most things you buy it can been seen quite easily what the difference is between one years model to the next. This is not always so with computer software. It would be better for the customer if manufactures HAD to state quite clearly and in layman's language on their packaging what is the improvement or difference between this years product and last years.

  Pineman100 18:03 20 Sep 2008

A few months ago, I finally gave up on probably the best-known security software of all (yes, that's the one) and refused to update it yet again. Instead, having read good reports on it in PCA, I installed a 3-user-licenced Kaspersky on my and my wife's computers.

A couple of days after installing, I had a small question for their Support people, so I emailed them. About two weeks later I emailed them again, asking for an answer. About a week later, ditto. I finally got an answer to this third email.

Over some weeks of using the software I found that the useful Mail Dispatcher function (checks your emails before you download them) kept switching itself off for no reason. So (fool that I am) I emailed Support again. 32 days later I got a reply, asking me to run a piece of software that would report everything about my computer, including its inside leg measurement, to Kaspersky. I did this and returned the report to them the same day.

10 days later I got a reply, asking me to run another report.

So I've told them to go forth and multiply. I'll live with the Mail Dispatcher niggle until I can get rid of the software and replace it with something from a company that understands the meaning of the word 'support'.

Any suggestions, please?

  Joe R 18:24 20 Sep 2008

I have got to admit that most (if not all) of my security/malware programs are free versions, all run well, and in my opinion, are safe enough for my net browsing etc.

One of my faults though, is a love for Adobe Photoshop, and I usually pay around £150 pa, to try to keep with the latest version, always buying the upgrade. (keeps the cost down)

I use Nero 6.6, Isobuster, audacity and Ulead video studio 10 for my audio and video needs (all aroud 3 years old) and have a copy off Office 2003 along with Openoffice 2.4 (Office 2003 is part of a user series belonging to my employers)

Apart from a few games ands odds and ends there ends my chapter of software, and yearly costs of around £250 seem very reasonable to me.

Sorry for the drawn out posting, but my kids assure me, the three cans of red bull they have given me, are making me "hyper". :)

  BT 07:37 21 Sep 2008

I've used McAfee for a number of years and never had any major problems. I used their online support once and got a reply within hours. My last renewal was a three year subscription for £70 which seems quite reasonable.
I recentley had to reformat and it was simple to re-download from my account.

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