VNAM75 20:15 17 Mar 2008

It appears there are a lot of events happening/occurring this year that will affect all of us to some extent, and how these unfold could shape global affairs in the next decade. The ones I have in mind are listed below. Which ones concern you the most?

Global economy and the credit crunch, and whether the banks will learn from the lessons of "irresponsible lending"

American election
Will it be Obama or Clinton driving America? I think each of these have their own agenda and approach to doing things. I don't trust Hilary to do the "right" thing and put America back on track. Or will the republicans hold on to power? Its quite worrying the amount of support mccain has, but not as much as either democratic candidate?

Will Bush try to find a way of attacking Iran or build the foundations to do so for a possible next republican administration? This will be an absolute disaster but I don't think he will be able to get the support. America surely has woken up to the tragedy and injustice of Iraq.

The Beijing Olympics will showcase China's culture to the world. Not only this, it will present China to the world as a global player in business, politics and security. Will the world open up to, and welcome China, or will it be viewed with scepticism?

Climate change
Will the big nations (China, USA..) take this issue more seriously? Climate change is affecting crops and food production around the world and could lead to serious food shortages and price rises.

  lotvic 20:28 17 Mar 2008

input overload - I've got a headache now - going for a lay down

  peter99co 20:53 17 Mar 2008

I would be interested in knowing how you got your name VNAM75

  bluto1 21:40 17 Mar 2008

Good observation, and not as political as the thread.

  Proclaimer 22:23 17 Mar 2008

The Pope will Die.

And America will be toppled just like the USSR as a Superpower.

Then within four years of that both the Papacy and The US Economies will be so badly hit that the Papacy will end and the Vatican will lose its status as an Independent and be swallowed up by Italy.

And the USA will topple as the only superpower on the planet as it tries to pay off its debts, from the man in the street right up to their International World Debts.

They will revert to a Nation of Farmers.

That would be a Proclamation from The Proclaimer then...

  laurie53 08:58 18 Mar 2008

"Which ones concern you the most?"

How much the pension will go up by, how much energy charges will rise, how much the council tax goes up,
what happens to the mortgage rate, to name but a few.

I'm afraid the ones listed by VNAM75 are not all that high on my list.

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