2002 Ford Transit low roof - LPG/PETROL

  mrwoowoo 18:34 09 Mar 2011

i am going to look at a van tomorrow it's a 2002 Ford Transit low roof - LPG/PETROL, just wondering if anyone has one of these that runs on both LPG/PETROL of a similar age.

I don't know anything about a vehicle that runs on both, just wondered if anyone has any views on them and any tips of what to look for when i give it a test drive tomorrow.

any advice would be gratefully received.

  OTT_B 19:11 09 Mar 2011

Be warned - petrol models are THIRSTY. Exactly what economy you get depends on the exact vehicle spec, what payload weight you carry and driving type. The van will do around 30% less mpg on LPG than petrol. A van carrying 1.4tons in the city could give a truly shocking fuel economy figure (say, 10 - 15 mpg). Its diesel equivalent could well give 20 - 25mpg or more. At the extreme ends of these figures, I think diesel would work out cheaper.

Unless you specifically want a petrol/lpg model, it may be more economic to get a diesel and pay a higher price for fuel, but use less of it.

When you look at the van, the things to look for are pretty much the same as cars, but with extra attention to the service history - this really should be done by a Ford approved agent. If there is even one service missing, don't get the van. A simple oil and filter change won't keep a commercial running well, and they can't wait 30 odd thousand miles between seeing an experienced commercial mechanic.
Ask to see all MoT certificates. If any which say that advisories were issued (esp the most recent certificate), make sure you see it. If the problems noted on the advisory haven't been fixed, again, think twice about your purchase.

Also make sure it is the Ford fitted LPG system, not an aftermarket one.

I'm not sure how clutch units weather on petrols - someone else may be able to give some info.

  polish 21:22 09 Mar 2011

i know a couple of people who have had cars but not vans and had no problems economy not as good as when running on petrol but the saving of running on lpg it was ok.
i would agree with ott that vans running on petrol are thirsty

  al's left peg 01:04 10 Mar 2011

You would be better off buying a Merc Vito, or short wheel base Sprinter Diesel. They are in my opinion the best vans on the road. I used to drive a 1.9CDTI Vauxhall Vivaro that would go like the clappers and do about 600 mile on a full tank of diesel. The only problem with it though is it is a tie up with Renault, because of that they suffer from "BFO" (bits fall off) so build quality is not the best.
My friend is a euro courier and drives the Merc models stated above, he highly recommends them.

  mrwoowoo 20:01 10 Mar 2011

Ok. Thanks for your replies.
I will tick as resolved.

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