2 Tornados crash in the Firth of Fourth

  birdface 16:10 03 Jul 2012

2 crew members from one of the planes has been picked up and taken to Hospital.

Still looking for the crew members of the 2nd plane

Both planes were from Lossiemouth.

  birdface 16:17 03 Jul 2012

There have no doubt been other occasions where two plane have collided but I cannot remember any.

It was reported that the 2nd plane may have ditched 25 mile away from the first plane.


  T0SH 16:28 03 Jul 2012

I think you may find this happened in the Moray Firth not the Firth of Forth

Cheers HC

  birdface 16:38 03 Jul 2012

Thanks Tosh

You are correct.Not sure how I managed to make that mistake thanks for letting me know.

  morddwyd 21:10 03 Jul 2012

The PLBs (personal locator beacons) are triggered automatically on ejection and immediately start transmitting a satellite signal.

I hope the absence of such a signal doesn't mean they didn't get out.

My last job was i/c the Ejection Seat Servicing workshop at Lossie.

In addition to the families I spare a thought for the techies who serviced and fitted the seats, I've been there and there is simply no describing the anxiety until you know.

You are absolutely their last hope, and the thought that an act or omission or lack of professionalism of yours might have let them down has an effect that is unimaginable.

I'm happy to say I had several crates of beer from surviving crews (the traditional thank you) and never had to take the oath at a Board of Enquiry.

  birdface 22:31 03 Jul 2012


I have to admit things are not looking good for them.You would have thought that some wreckage would have been found by now.

I know that the North sea can be a bit rough at times and make finding them that bit more difficult.

We can only hope that they have survived wherever they are.

No doubt there will be search parties out most of the night but they would be hard to find if there is no signal beacon from them.

lets hope morning brings better news.

  birdface 23:50 03 Jul 2012

The search has been called off for the night owing to bad weather.

They were still searching in the Moray Firth for the Tornado and Crew and not further out to sea as I had previously said.

  birdface 15:06 04 Jul 2012

One of the Aircrew found yesterday died today and another two are still missing.

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the Airman who has died and to the family and friends of those still missing.

  wee eddie 16:25 04 Jul 2012

I think that you can expect to find a load of Helicopters, with Sonars dangling below them, or even Mine Sweepers, hanging around the Moray Firth shortly.

Sounds like a wing-tip to wing-tip job to me.

  birdface 17:26 04 Jul 2012

wee eddie

Looks like they have given up the search for the other 2 Aircrew.


Like you say I think the priority now will be to find the two missing Airmen and salvage the Tornado as soon as possible.

It is tragic that an accident could cause the lives of 3 Servicemen in one of our our Home Countries.

The Tornados have had problems before and I would not be surprised if they now ground them.

  wee eddie 20:09 04 Jul 2012

buteman: Searching for the Aircrew after two hours was just window dressing anyway

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