2 must have for audiophiles

  wiz-king 14:38 08 Jun 2005

click here for making you CDs and DVDs sound better, and for those of you with a real volume control try the Silver Rock Signature Knob click here

  wiz-king 14:44 08 Jun 2005

I will try the second link again! click here=

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:07 08 Jun 2005

special (read expensive)green felt tips you could buy. You were supposed to apply them round the edge of the CD to improve sound quality. Can't remember how it was supposed to work though.

I'm sure if you spent $485 on the second item you would feel a right 'nob'

  gudgulf 16:09 08 Jun 2005

This is very sad I know.........but the theory behind the green pens was this.The (infra)red laser light was diffracted/refracted/reflected within clear layer of the compact disc.This stray laser light could interfere with the transmission of the emitted/reflected signal needed to convey the information on the cd to the player.The upshot being that more work would be needed to be done by the error correction devices within the player leading to a less than perfect conversion of the digital signal into analogue audio.The green edging on the cd was meant to absorb the stray laser light and thus improve rendering of the digital information from the disc.

Perhaps it would help with the reading of less than perfect cd/dvd roms,lol.

Told you it was sad.....by the way a normal green "magic marker" was just as effective(or not) as the expensive pens you refer to.

  Dennis Goycoolea 16:13 08 Jun 2005

You're having a laugh; and I agree - the PWB site is pretty funny. Who wouldn't smile at this?

"The interaction of all spinning discs with the gravitational force produces energy patterns that adversely affect the human being's ability to correctly perceive sound. The energy patterns created are in the frequency range adjacent to the visual energy spectrum and directly affect our cognitive senses..." (click here)

Obviously this mad "audiophile" stuff doesn't work. I'd sooner place my faith in homeopathy or the Tooth Fairy. More about PWB: click here and click here


  MidgetMan 16:16 08 Jun 2005

then again click here


click here

  gudgulf 16:20 08 Jun 2005

I must thank you for the links.......I've just spent an very enjoyable half hour exploring them.You really can't beat the pseudo-science behind articles like that for a good giggle.They always start off with what seems like a reasonable review of the subject in hand and then lose the plot completely and fly off at a tangent.click here in particular made me smile

Well its off to stick strips of silver foil on all my cds and lps now.......all 2000 of them.That should keep me out of mischief for a while ROFLOL

  wiz-king 16:43 08 Jun 2005

Having a laugh, no not I, Tee hee hee, I think it comes down to 'dont try this at home', sticking a lump of foil on cds would cause imbalance that migh just cause them to wobble in the machine and wreak the head or worse.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:28 08 Jun 2005

thanks for that! I can see the logic but I wonder if it makes a perceivable difference? Maybe it's the power of suggestion - if you are expecting a difference then you are more likely to get one.

Maybe I will give it a go when I get (very) bored!

  gudgulf 18:03 08 Jun 2005

Ok I admit I've tried it.....green pen on cd edge that is.If it makes a difference it is small but the theory behind it is sound enough.Just like freezing at very low temps is known to have a similar effect.

It stems from the vinyl days where the best sound reproduction really did rely on making sure you got the best signal off the record in the first place.I'm not sure that the same rules apply with cd but it can't be a bad idea to get the most accurate reading of the data on the disc as a starting point for audiophile sound reproduction.

  Curio 18:07 08 Jun 2005

And the older you get the worse it gets! Upgrading HiFi is no longer an issue with me. :>)

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