£2 a litre !

  PalaeoBill 23:16 05 Mar 2011

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Given the difference between the amount of oil the UK exports and the amount it imports is minimal, and the oil we export is 'our' oil, why is it so difficult to have an internal price that is buffered against the vagarities of the market.

In a similar vein, since 'we' own most of the banks now, why can't we tell them what to do?

I'll get me coat.

  ronalddonald 23:59 05 Mar 2011

my eyes might be watering its just like paying high parking charges

  MAJ 00:05 06 Mar 2011

"In a similar vein, since 'we' own most of the banks now....."

You still can't believe that, PalaeoBill, you don't own the banks, you just bail them out, someone who's pay-grade is way above the taxpayer's own the banks. Don't kid yourself for a moment that you or your MP has any say in what the banks do.

  spuds 10:42 06 Mar 2011

The mysteries of life and modern living. Whatever you do don't question it, because you will surely be in the wrong :O((

And as for petrol being £2.00 a litre, then its a case of grin and bear it. Most pump prices now seem to vary on a daily basis, in any particular location. But if you spend over £50.00 in Tesco, they will knock off 5p a litre at the pumps?.

  rawprawn 15:50 06 Mar 2011

£2 per litre, god I hope not

  PalaeoBill 17:31 06 Mar 2011

You have to factor in the costs of beer to your liver, the NHS, the Police, your marriage, ...
Someone had to plough fields, plant and grow yeast, sugar and barley, refine the sugar, filter some water, add all the stuff together, apply smoke, mirrors, pixie dust and the odd rat to brew it, and eventually as if by magic we get beer. Make a single error in the process (don't clean well enough, cook too long, don't cook enough etc.) and its not drinkable.

Oil, yep you have to drill a hole, suck it out and crack it in a refinery, but all in all it doesn't cost that much.

The fuss is that I don't want to pay £2 for a litre of it when its worth about 40p. Nor do I want to have to stand the increased cost of transport on every thing I buy.

When the price of oil goes up the government makes more money. I just want them to give some of it back.

  Quickbeam 18:04 06 Mar 2011

When it was 40p a litre (about the mid '80s?), I didn't want to pay that much, now I'd gladly pay £1 a litre again!

  MAJ 18:20 06 Mar 2011

The biggest con was when they decided to sell fuel in litres rather than gallons, it used to rise in price by one or two pence a gallon, now it's one or two pence a litre, about five times as much. Remember that when next you are asked if you think it's a good idea to join the Euro.

  JYPX 18:24 06 Mar 2011

Is anybody really suprised by what we are facing? And yet what have we done to prepare? A tiny number of electric cars on our roads in the next few years will make little difference. Some years ago Citroen came up with a cheap, lightweight, stripped down Saxo which was producing somewhere near 100mpg. Was there huge interest? No - because shortly afterwards the oil crisis was over and nobody was interested. Next time you on the motorway at peak times, count the endless numbers of ridiculously overpowered vehicles, each occupied by just 1 person, among the 6 lanes of standing traffic, and ask yourself - Is it just possible that we will get what we deserve?

  PalaeoBill 19:18 06 Mar 2011

Dear spider9

A litre of petrol is worth around 42p,
onto this is added approximately 60p of duty, 22p of VAT and the rest is retailer markup (generally around 5p but some places like supermarkets give up much of this).

The 42p is what someone is willing to pay for it. I would rather it was less than this but ho hum. The rest I don't have a choice about, so its not what someone is willing to pay for it.

  ukpostcode 19:21 06 Mar 2011

George Osbourne must be rubbing his hands with glee.
The higher fuel goes the more tax is paid.
So it's a win win situation for the government!

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