18 rated pc games

  flyingbrit 22:56 10 Jan 2006

Please take a look at this link.....click here
Now I'm not thinking of weather or not it would be good or bad parenting, just about the law on this matter. I have been in contact with my local police, and asked them if I would be breaking the law by letting a 15 year old play 18 rated pc games, they said as far as they were concerned there is no offence being commited if I do this. However they did not know if it would be a civil matter. Does anyone know about the civil law side of this?

  PaulB2005 23:12 10 Jan 2006

Well it would appear that the certificate is indeed just an advisory and not legally enforceable.

Funny how a shop selling a game to a minor even if they look over 18 can be prosecuted but parents who know their own child's age can't....

  wolfie3000 04:09 11 Jan 2006

its a tough one we all know that kids under 18 play 18 rated games and even watch 18 rated films.
but who will enforce this law?

The police from what you say flying brit dont seem to take this matter to seriously as for civil laws i dont know i guess many dont.

Have you flying brit played any 18 rated games?

  wolfie3000 04:16 11 Jan 2006

one problem iv come across is with our clan website.

click here

As it has GTA Vice city on it i cant post links to it.

One idea would to have an 18 and over forum for adult games maybe.

  flyingbrit 11:45 11 Jan 2006

Yea I've played 18 rated games, however I'm 49 years old,(I'm britsdad) but saying that, my son (the real flyingbrit) who is 15, has played many 18 rated games too, and has been for 2 or 3 years, I have no problems with him doing so as long as I have seen the game first. From what I've seen of the 18 rated games he and I have played the only reason they are rated 18 is for the violent content(doom 3 ect) but they are so unreal that you have to be a bit dim to confuse them with real life. He has never shown interest in GTA so although I've seen the game the problem has never arisen about it.

  wolfie3000 12:13 11 Jan 2006

GTA can be a little bit extreme in some of its content
but nowadays most games are.
I guess the rating system is a hard one to enforce.

  Mytob 18:34 20 Jan 2006

Id just like to point out i dont have any probs with it. GTA and such games are over rated. The biggist insult to age ratings was doom 3 v the decent (film). The film was a 12a if im correct and in my opinion more violent than doom3 was which was a 18! It all depends on your discresin in the end. I was playin 15s such as doom and doom 2 at the age of 6 and i would not hesitate giving a kid a game like that considering the amazinly usles rating systems these days. Check out reviews on the net i think is the best thing but bear in mind some can be wildly over done.

  wolfie3000 19:14 20 Jan 2006

GTA i find a great game because it can be modded beyond all recognition and now can be played online with others.
granted the graphics are old and tired now but the game play is great.

Anyone whos got the game should try it online.

  hzhzhz 19:25 20 Jan 2006

New out on xbox (pc soon I hope) is the game Condemned-Criminal origins. This definately looks like one not to give younger kids.

  Mytob 19:28 20 Jan 2006

Yes it is coming out on pc :) If its anything like frear then it aint that bad. Fear got a 18 but isnt that gory in the end its more the scare factor. There are some i have to agree with such as The suffering which by all acounts is one of the most grafic ones about.

  hzhzhz 19:36 20 Jan 2006

A demented horror game from Sega and Monolith, designed for next-generation consoles and game systems. You are an FBI agent on the hunt in this gripping and sickening hunt for serial killers. The game is played in first-person perspective, and with the use of the Havok 3.0 physics engine and other advanced techniques, players can utilize anything in the area as a weapon when they've been cornered by their prey. :-)

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