17 million UK adults banked online last year,

  Forum Editor 09:41 25 Aug 2007

compared with 6.2 million in 2001, and whilst young people still make up the bulk of those who bank online there was a 350% rise in numbers aged 55 and over.

It seems that online banking, despite the perceived risk of security breaches is flourishing - 17 million is a huge figure when you consider that of the total UK population (60 million) there are 48 million people old enough to have a bank account.

It means that 35% of all personal banking is now done online. Many older people with bank accounts do not have internet access, so the percentage of people with internet access who bank online will be higher than 35%, although it's not possible to say by how much.

  laurie53 09:43 25 Aug 2007

I am one of them, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for those who cannot use on-line banking to get a decent service.

My wife is severely disabled and can't use either on line or telephone banking.

This means a physically painful trip to the bank for even simple things like transferring her own funds between two of her own accounts.

  Stuartli 09:49 25 Aug 2007

I've been using three online banking services for several years - however I still have to physically nip to the bank with a cheque as I wouldn't like to risk Royal Mail..:-)

  Stuartli 09:52 25 Aug 2007

It does have drawbacks in that it can lead to closure of branches. For those who don't have online banking that can prove a problem.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 25 Aug 2007

I have not been in a bank for 3 years now. Any cheques that I receive I just post through my local branches' letterbox with a paying in slip. All my leccy, banking, building society, shares, credit card, phone and internet services are all accessed online. I know many 'old people' who quite happily do the same as it is not rocket science.


  spuds 10:46 25 Aug 2007

Around my neck of the world, and I would suspect there are many more similar areas, some of the older generation cannot afford computer systems with internet connections. And they are sure not going to rely on the local public library, internet café or a neighbour nearby.Even to get their old age pension is proving more difficult, with everything going electronically

I note that Gandalf mentions the fact that he as not been in a bank for 3 years, but he still as need to visit the local branch to 'post' cheques etc. But I have noticed recently, that banks and finance houses are talking about making cheques obsolete, so if that happens, even more people will be 'forced' in using other methods of banking. The poor perhaps being victimised or those who have no alternatives even having further burdens placed their way. Credit Unions might then be the best bet for the unfortunates of modern methods and progress.

Over the past 10 years, I have been involved with three branch closures through Barclays reorganisations. My accounts and that of others were moved elsewhere,not always with our agreement, adding more inconvenience to the customers of the closed branch's. The branch that I use now seems to be run on part time staff, with ever changing faces. Not like the old days, when the staff knew you, and you knew the staff. This particular branch was suppose to have an 'customer service adviser' available, but this seems to be an hit and miss affair. Its the same if you want to speak to a manager, there is not one, as the manager is stationed at another branch, with their duties increased, by now being in charge of perhaps three or more branch's. Many a time queues have increased, because someone had a simple query, which was dealt with by one of the one to three cashier's using the five cashiers windows. Two or more windows never seems to be used permanently due to staff allocations.

Regarding making payments on-line, I now do this, because I have the facilities to do so. But the other month, I wanted to pay a credit card bill/statement which threw up a query. Result of that was an 0870 telephone call to speak to a human being, before I could go ahead with the payment. This action led to another problem later on, which required further phone contacts to resolve the issue. So much for making life easier for me, and no doubt others!.

  jack 11:50 25 Aug 2007

Strictly ;Telephone/Armchair,
Much safer.
The number of times banks have been compromised and introduce new measures- which are 'secure' only to revise again is endless- and will continue to be so
If a 'Good Boffin' can make it a 'Bad Boffin' will assuredly break it.

  TopCat® 15:41 25 Aug 2007

I found it very easy and at the time quite secure. My faith wavered somewhat when my credit card details were compromised, and was very thankful that Barclaycard security spotted some irregularities. I now use and change my login details and email address frequently; a small irritation but I think very necessary these days.

I have had no problems with my bank security since I started but even here, being ever watchful for things unusual is now the norm for me. I also make sure to type my financial web addresses straight into my browser each time I use them. TC.

  Jimmy14 16:25 25 Aug 2007

and I use online banking regularly. It is very convenient.

  CurlyWhirly 17:23 25 Aug 2007

I wouldn't be without the convenience of online banking after using it for several years!

  Totally-braindead 21:29 25 Aug 2007

I don't have much in the way of cash so what little banking I do, I do the old fashioned way but I do know quite a few that do 99% of their banking online.

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