14th June 1982 - Stanley liberated

  The Brigadier 17:13 14 Jun 2007

From out of a tent all the Officer said was 'Gentleman their are white flags flying over Stanley.
The Argentines had surrended, the war was over.
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  Z1100 22:37 14 Jun 2007

Not because it was the end of the war, or a great victory. No, it is because on that day the RSM told us that Rifle Drill will be back on the schedule "as soon as the Paras get home" he said.

And why? Well, as 'we' were a training Regiment
5 Airborne Brigade 'borrowed' our Rifles because they did not have enough for the whole Brigade on a Full Deployment!

Just one other thing, in this forum it seems to me that postings of a Patriotic nature seem to attract negative attention, for me though, 'the boys done good!' and I salute them today also.


  bluto1 22:47 14 Jun 2007

I remember the whole thing, not because I was there, I wasn`t. I was in Saudi Arabia, and they were on the Argies side, so we tried to have different subjects to discuss when they were around. They didn`t like the pride we showed in `our boys` doing so well.
My toast now is...'Absent Friends'

  The Brigadier 10:01 15 Jun 2007

Time to remember.
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  Cymro. 10:26 15 Jun 2007

I have every respect and admiration for the servicemen who where killed and injured

in the Falklands, but, and there is always a but with such things, I consider the Falklands

war to be just another unjust colonial war of an old imperialist nation that did not want

to face the facts that someone else had a better claim than them to an island at the other end of the world.

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