120,000 Families said to have never worked

  jakimo 12:18 27 Jan 2011

According to the Governments latest figures..
On BBC radio five this morning an invited guest,employed to encourage these families to apply for one of the 480,000 job vacancies gave the following as being some of the reasons these families have not worked for three generations.

Quote 'It would sent them in a state of shock...They feel comfortable with the benefit system...They don't feel wanted...They are not brave enough to take a job...Would not know how to handle their wages...They do not know how to cope with financial matters' Unquote.

The programme went on to mentioned the most work shy estate click here where 99% of those able were unemployed.

Yet Mr Millibands party continues to complain about the proposed changes to the benefits awarded to the able-bodied who do not seek employment

  Uboat 12:30 27 Jan 2011

Ok check these facts out then
someone i know doesn't work he has two kids who are both 14/15 years old, he lives in a 3 bed detached house and receives this money a month:
£250 per fortnight jobseekers allowance
£all his rent paid
£all his council tax paid
child tax credits i think are about £60 per week
this works out to be around £1100 per month for doing nothing!

where as someone else on the other spectrum of things i know works for minimum wage has to pay 95% of his council tax
Has to pay all but £10 per week rent so he pays £95 per week
its a no brainer!
the goverment needs to help them employed who are on low wages MUCH MUCH more!
this is the same scene everywhere in the uk where its just more financially easier to NOT work...

  Quickbeam 12:38 27 Jan 2011

And we all think that we have them all in our own town!

  spuds 12:57 27 Jan 2011

Not sure if the figures are correct, but the report in the link seems to suggest that the Cottsmeadow Estate only as one person working. Yet it then states that there are 99.1%, from a figure which appears to say 105 residents of working age. Just doesn't seem to add up?.

Every town and city as part of its population on some form of benefits, and some of the people involved have been long term receivers who are well acquainted on how the systems work.

Perhaps when so called experts start talking about the difficulties of getting people back into work, because the people referred to have not worked for ages. Then surely there is one very simple solution. Start them off by getting the people to clean and respect the areas that they live in. That wouldn't cost bus fares, training allowances etc, but possibly see if it turns out to be a motivation process?.

  peter99co 13:06 27 Jan 2011

They should be offered training in how to be responsible for their own welfare.

The reason they are in the position they are in is a result of cradle to grave nanny-state conditioning.

  jakimo 14:43 27 Jan 2011

The examples you give are the very reason why the benefit system should be changed,
the Government has no money,its the tax payer who again would have the increased burden of paying for extra benefits to the low paid,Isn't it the employers and not the tax payer who should be paying their employees a living wage.
As a tax payer I'm tired of subsidizing those people who may not only be better off than myself but are always asking for more

It would be hard to find a reason for not agreeing with that statement

  userious? 15:37 27 Jan 2011

We got plenty of long term unemployed where I live but quite honestly who would employ them, they look useless and probably are.

  Blackhat 17:11 27 Jan 2011

I own 2 factories close to the area mentioned in the link. When I am recruiting I am amazed (or used to be) at what would turn up for a job interview. Dirty clothes, unshaven, smelling of booze and sometimes with groups of mates hanging around outside with beer cans.

I’m sure a lot of these just do the job interviews to maintain their benefit. It will not change overnight by any amendment to the system; it will take a generation of effort to make things better but what will work, I don’t think any political party has got the definitive answer to that!

  GJC60 18:05 27 Jan 2011

I have not worked for 3 yrs (2 strokes) but worked for 35 yrs before that, and i manage on £65 pounds a week. Its a sad fact in Uk today that aysulum seekers, illegall immigrants and any one else that just comes to this country gets all the agenies bending over backwards to help them. I will proberley get shouted down for that statement. But if you see how the system works you will see it happening everyday. There are genuine cases out there but sadly they rarely get reported. So next time you spout off about benifit cheats or scroungers spare a thought for the genuine cases

  peter99co 18:55 27 Jan 2011

With more determination by the W & P it is a simple but costly exercise to examine the circumstances of these people on benefits. It can be a matter that is low down the list of government priorities. It is on the list however and many will find themselves in the spotlight.

If these people have lost their pride in themselves then that is their loss and that is very sad. Loss of Self Esteem is self perpetuating and some really do need help. Genuine claimants should have benefits and rightly so, unlike other countries we do care for our people in need of help. When help is seen as money only then we have got it wrong. Some are unable to work because jobs are not available and this is also a factor.

We have never had full employment and those who remember 4,000,000 on the dole will also remember why

  Grey Goo 19:02 27 Jan 2011

Difficult not to be seriousl annoyed when you work your butt off just to keep some idle dropout in Sky TV subscriptions.

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