12 mins/hour of TV adverts

  anchor 16:37 23 Feb 2011

I read that Ofcom have given permission for ITV, Channels 4 and 5 to interrupt films with up to 12 minutes of adverts every hour. The revised guidelines will allow two six-minute breaks per hour.

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Would you be prepared to wait 6 minutes for the film to resume?.

  Clapton is God 16:40 23 Feb 2011

And there was I thinking that the commercial channels broadcast a series of adverts punctuated by bits of a film or a sitcom.

  Uboat 17:06 23 Feb 2011

You'l "NEVER" ever beat tv in Barcelona!!!!

we lived there for 3 years & in the end i gave up watching tv there! you would watch a programme & after 8/9 mins you was subjected to 15/20 mins in fact we used to laugh we could make a cuppa & i once or twice popped to the shops which was in the next street & we lived in the 11th floor of private high rise flats there walking & STILL managed to be back home with my fresh new cuppa with a min or two to spare...ridiculous isnt it...looks like the UK is heading this way.....

  Uboat 17:31 23 Feb 2011

sorry i meant to say a film! doh

  jakimo 17:36 23 Feb 2011

click here Thats why I do the same as spider9

  oresome 17:49 23 Feb 2011

If a programme on a commercial channel starts on the hour, we record it and chase play, starting to view at around quarter past.

We catch up within the hour, skipping the adverts and having a much better viewing experience.

The volume level on adverts is so much louder that the mute button is pressed in instances where we can't otherwise avoid them.

I'm sure the advertisers are well aware of this behaviour and product placement within the actual programme content is just around the corner.

  Forum Editor 17:56 23 Feb 2011

to value the BBC.

Commercial TV networks have to survive, and quality programmes cost vast amounts to make. The battle for audiences is fiercer now than ever, and advertising revenues have fallen as companies cut advertising budgets in order to weather the economic winter. TV companies will respond by doing deals like never before, and longer ad breaks will help them.

OFCOM knows this.

  MAJ 18:37 23 Feb 2011

... when I was off work ill, I used to watch episodes of Star Trek on Sky, the ads used to really annoy me, they started 6 to 8 minutes after the program started. I started to tape the program and watch it later sans ads. I noticed that the episodes lasted around 42-43 minutes (if memory serves). As they started 'on the hour', that meant 17 to 18 minutes of ads. So 12 minutes doesn't sound too bad when compared to that.
Nowadays Sky+ is a Godsend.

  canarieslover 19:37 23 Feb 2011

Due to clashes with programs my wife watches I have been recording the latest series of Taggart. These 1 hour programs come down to just over 45 minutes with the ads taken out so ITV must be stretching the boundaries already. I guess fourm member must be right in stating that they don't include the 'in house' advertising trailers.

  jakimo 19:46 23 Feb 2011

'I may well be awake all night pondering this dilemma'

You must indeed whiter than white!

  morddwyd 20:05 23 Feb 2011

"All the more reason to value the BBC"

The only difference with the BBC is that they don't interrupt the programmes with their advertising, except for the inevitable "Still to come" on news broadcasts.

However, they do carry large amounts of advertising, albeit only for their own products, programmes, websites etc.

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