11 Plus

  medicine hat 13:17 30 Jun 2008

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Could someone explain how to do the bricks question please

  Cymro. 13:30 30 Jun 2008

You know what you have done now don`t you medicine-hat?
We are going to get all those people who think of the good old days when British education was the best in the world to post about just how easy it is to get an A level, degree or what ever these days as everything in education has been dumb down so much.

  Cymro. 13:35 30 Jun 2008

I am old enough to know how things were in the days of the 11 plus.
How children's whole lives could be ruined by just one bad performance on that all important day of the 11 plus exam.

  medicine hat 13:45 30 Jun 2008

I have to admit I was amazed at the first question, and was soon reaching for a paper and pen. Somehow managed to get 8, but the brick question is still bugging me.

  peter99co 13:49 30 Jun 2008

Someone at school asked me if I wanted to do an exam and I said no thanks. They did not tell me why I should do it. I did not know until some time later the reason for the exam. I finished up at a Secondary Modern School. I wonder what would have happened if I had taken the 11 plus as I was supposed to.

  rodriguez 14:03 30 Jun 2008

You got a pile of bricks 9 bricks high and the next pile is one brick higher which is 10 high. So this is 19. Keep adding 1 on for each of the 7 piles and it will come to 84. It helps if you visualise the piles and count up to 7 on your fingers so you don't lose count. That's what I did. I got 7 out of 8 on that test by the way, which would be Grammar School. However I'm 21, not 11. :-)

  medicine hat 14:27 30 Jun 2008

Excellent, thank you rodriguez. I was thinking the first pile was 1 brick high, the 2nd 2 bricks high etc so ended up with 252 bricks, which wasn't an answer. Was 11 plus a multi guess exam then?

  Snec 15:24 30 Jun 2008

>> Was 11 plus a multi guess exam then? <<

No it was not and you could not get to university by ticking boxes either. Don't get me started :o)

  rossgolf 16:28 30 Jun 2008


  rossgolf 16:28 30 Jun 2008

pretty easy really

  Weskit 18:48 30 Jun 2008

My fault was in misreading "pile" for "row" so I wasn't visuallising the problem correctly. Incidentally, my bro-in-law tells me that GCSE maths does not include Trig or Algebra, is this so, what is the world coming to...

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