101 year old Marathon runner

  DANZIG 08:29 05 Mar 2008

What an inspiration! Just seen the guy on the BBC news.

If I'm like that when I'm anywhere near that age then I'll be thankful.

I loved it when he said he'd done the half marathon and had a rest in the middle for a pint of beer and a fag.

I bet that had the PC BBC executives grinding their teeth somewhat.

  Quickbeam 08:37 05 Mar 2008

he started his marathon in the 2005 season... Sorry couldn't resist :)

  DANZIG 08:41 05 Mar 2008

Apparently the half marathon took him about 4 hours. I'm 35 soon and I think I'd give up after about 2!

Also I believe he tried it in with the lass that was interviewing him - I missed that gem making a brew at the time.

Good lad!!

  interzone55 11:24 05 Mar 2008

Buster is amazing, he's 101 & still works every day cleaning vans at a plumbers, he started the job when he was 98 because he was bored.

The day after his half marathon his boss was amazed that he still turned up for work.

He sang on the Zimmer's track last year & answers queries on FHM's problem pages.

The guy is an absolute star...

  Stuartli 10:51 07 Mar 2008

We have a friend who is 103 - he can still operate his video recorder, Freeview box etc; has a remarkable memory for remembering what cards have been played in games and generally comes across as being someone in his mid-sixties.

  Stuartli 10:53 07 Mar 2008

Until quite recently he used to walk for miles on a daily basis.

  Legolas 11:47 08 Mar 2008

I look older than him and I am half his age. I wonder what his secret is.

DANZIG that was an interesting slip of the keyboard in your second post ;)

  Bingalau 11:54 08 Mar 2008

Legolas, I'm sure the word should have been "on" or were you making a sexist remark about him making the brew?

  Legolas 13:41 08 Mar 2008

I'm sure he did mean "on" or that would have made interesting television ;)

  amonra 13:52 08 Mar 2008

My mother (102 soon) says he's stupid ! " He will regret it when he's older " No comment.

  DANZIG 15:52 08 Mar 2008

Hadn't noticed that freudian slip there.

Kinda works though doesn't it!

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