100mph max for EU cars proposal

  TopCat® 15:12 03 Jul 2007

Quote: 'The EU Parliament's environment committee is considering a proposal to ban all cars capable of exceeding 100 mph (162 km/hour) from 2013. The proposal, put forward by LibDem MEP Chris Davies, is based on the arguments that cars that go faster than 100 mph are "over-engineered to a ridiculous degree", and that for safety reasons, they need to be heavier, and hence to burn more fuel...' click here

I can't see this proposal getting through myself, though if the Green vote is strong enough then anything I suppose is possible. What say you? TC.

  wiz-king 15:27 03 Jul 2007

Why stick at that! Fit all cars with a system that reads the speed limit from a sat-nav and sets the maximum speed accordingly.
Ergo - end of speeding problems.

  interzone55 15:35 03 Jul 2007

Nice idea, but it won't work, as the GPS satellites are not sensitive enough yet, so if you are driving along a road beside a motorway your max speed my be set at 70, conversely the max spped on the motorway may be set to 40, causing chaos on both roadways.

I'm totally against top-speed limiters, as a) they work by limiting revs, which reduces the responsiveness of the engine and b) they are very easy to by-pass, therefore rendering them useless, as the people most likely to speed will still be able to.

  Pine Man 15:54 03 Jul 2007

The technology already exists for cars to 'read' traffic signs.

  Nibblerman 16:09 03 Jul 2007

There isnt that many cars that go less than 100mph is there even the Ford Fiesta goes 107 ish so unless we drive matchbox's this is the only solution here

click here

wish the parliament would show a bit of thought when applying these issues.

  Cymro. 16:10 03 Jul 2007

T.C. says he "cant see this getting through" neither can I, no chance. I hope not anyway.

  TopCat® 16:35 03 Jul 2007

If the proposal carries then it would be phased in sometime in 2013. All new EU cars sold then would have to have these limited engines in them. How imports from non-european countries would cope is debatable, but I suppose they would have to comply or face a ban on entry. TC.

  sunny staines 18:09 03 Jul 2007

one day in the future all cars will have a built in sat nav and if it detects the motor speeding in any road a automatic signal is sent to a local authority reciever and an automatic penalty notice is then posted to you whole process automated. Till the baliff calls for non payment.

  Pine Man 18:34 03 Jul 2007

Whilst I tend to agree with everything that has been said about the speed of cars it is very difficult indeed to put forward any reasonable argument in favour of cars being allowed to exceed any speed limits - isn't it?

  Bingalau 19:29 03 Jul 2007

I can't see the Germans going for it.

  interzone55 20:38 03 Jul 2007

The German car manufacturers already have a gentleman's agreement which requires them to limit all cars to 250 km/h (155 mph). This doesn't include pure sports cars such as Porsches etc

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