Kev.Ifty 22:56 09 Nov 2006

This Fridays EuroMillions Lottery jackpot.

£100,000,000 !!

Would You want to win that much? If you did win, how and on what would you spend it?

My Wife would like to buy a farm... I think with the shock of winning - that is probably what 'would' happen to me ;-)

What would your crazy purchase be?

  Kate B 23:00 09 Nov 2006

A nice house in Notting Hill with some very cool gadgets, some nice furniture and some lovely Asian art. That's for me - then a bigger house for both my siblings and their families.

Er, that's it, I think. Oh, tell a lie: I would hit Bond Street hard. Very hard.

  Koochy 23:02 09 Nov 2006

A one way ticket out of this mess of a country.


  cycoze 23:03 09 Nov 2006

Visit all the place i have ever wanted too, probably buy a couple of properties in areas i like and be very generous to a lot of people.

  Kev.Ifty 23:04 09 Nov 2006

To where?

  rodriguez 23:06 09 Nov 2006

A big mansion for me and my mates with a massive stereo and quad bikes that we can ride along the corridors and loads of beer.... yes I'm like a kid at times. :-D

  Koochy 23:09 09 Nov 2006

I really don't know it would take some looking into but i suppose i could just go somewhere and if i didn't like it i could just up sticks and try again.


  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:09 09 Nov 2006

First priority a numbered swiss account to keep it ringfenced from the grimy mitts of G.Brown. Then hopefully spend it on riotous living.

  Kate B 23:09 09 Nov 2006

rodriguez - and decks and a seriously cool mixing desk and some ear-bleeding club-standard speakers, I hope. Can I come and visit and bring my friends? *hopeful*

  Kev.Ifty 23:10 09 Nov 2006

Booze, loose Women and gambling. Then just squander the rest ;-)

  rodriguez 23:12 09 Nov 2006

Kate B, you got the right idea :-D you can come and bring all your friends there would be plenty of space and no neighbours so we can make as much noise as we want... :-D

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