100 watt bulbs still available

  Quickbeam 08:51 02 Sep 2009

if you want them click here-

I would have thought that law makers would have known to look for the loopholes in any new laws by now... but we still read about the loopholes within days of new laws being passed.

  interzone55 09:00 02 Sep 2009

100w bulbs are still available anyway, the EU ban just applies to the manufacture & importation - any in the shops can still be sold.

This story just strikes me as typical Daily Express anti-EU propaganda, clearly they couldn't find a Princess Diana story to fill a gap so decided to make something up about light bulbs instead...

  BT 09:00 02 Sep 2009

From the press coverage do I understand that its ONLY 100w bulbs that are being phased out at the moment?
The shelf edge notices in Tesco seem to imply that its ALL incandescent bulbs 40w,60w and 100w. And their sales promotion last week in my local branch had a big sign over a huge pallet load of 40w & 60w bulbs implying just that. I bought some anyway as £2 for 12 was a pretty good deal.

  BT 09:09 02 Sep 2009

The reason I asked whether its ONLY 100w bulbs is that the DirectGov website says this:-

"The legal phasing out of 100W AND (my Capitals) frosted incandescent (old fashioned) light bulbs begins on 1 September. The phase-out, in force across the EU, is expected to save one million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2020."

implying all incandescent bulbs

click here

  dagnammit 09:34 02 Sep 2009

The eco ones cause me have migraines more often... I made the switch and after a few months went back to the old type, migraine frequency reduced. That said 100w is too bright we usually use 40 & 60.

  Quickbeam 10:49 02 Sep 2009

The Express was the story that brought it to my attention. It's a fairly well reported piece of news click here But the point of posting was, how do so many laws seem to get through the due process of creation for someone to then immediately point out the 'bloody obvious' loopholes.

  BT 17:26 02 Sep 2009

"The legal phasing out of 100W and frosted incandescent "

Does this also mean that CLEAR ones will still be available. It seems to me that the loopholes are many and varied and the actual legislation isn't clear at all!

  Diemmess 17:49 02 Sep 2009

This may be one answer for those whowant to continue with the traditional incandescent bulb.
click here

Incidentally why does using an inspection light below the margins of my shallow inspection pit mean almost certain oblivion within a couple of minutes?

My elder son used to make an annual inroad into my spare bulbs when he used the pit to change his oil. No problem if hung on some engine part, but to take it into the pit killed them - fast.

  peter99co 20:17 02 Sep 2009

On the BBC news it was said that if all the old bulbs where replaced it wold be equivalent to taking 70,000 cars of the road. If this is true shouldn't we feel just a bit guilty if we carry on behaving like Ostriches.

  wiz-king 21:47 02 Sep 2009

I wonder if anyone has done an efficiency audit on the old (filament) and the new (folded fluorescent) types of bulbs including the cost of production of all the raw materials? I would be interested to see it. I imagine the cost of the glass is about the same,but the cost of phosphors and mercury may ought weigh the cost of the tungsten in the filament. As to the lifespan I do not believe the hours quoted for the new bulbs. Energy saving I can see the point off as filament bulbs are not very efficient - but they do help with the heating in the winter.

  Forum Editor 22:57 02 Sep 2009

that this light bulb thing is a massive waste of time and money. The so-called energy efficient bulbs cost more to buy, more to produce, contain toxic substances which are released into the environment when the lamps are destroyed, have been linked to skin complaints and are unattractive from just about every point of view.

I think that the lamp manufacturers found themselves in the position of making millions of lamps that nobody wanted to buy, and looked to legislators to bail them out. We're all going to pay for what has been a hastily-conceived new technology. New, more powerful LED lamps are far more efficient, and don't have the health and environmental disadvantages of compact fluorescent lamps, but their development was a little late arriving.

Our world is experiencing a time of great change as far as energy production and consumption is concerned, and we'll all have to get used to it. I hate the new lamps with a passion, mainly because I don't like the light they produce, but there's nothing I can do - it's life, as they say.

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