1 watcher on eBay

  pj123 14:23 19 Jul 2007

I have an item up for sale on eBay as a "Buy it Now".

I notice I have 1 watcher? What is he/she watching?

There won't be any bidders, you either buy it now or you don't. If someone else decides to buy it the "watcher" has watched in vain.

  J Cricket 14:29 19 Jul 2007

I've often thought that, but perhaps they have a similar item they would like to sell and want to see if you get that price for it. Or maybe they are waiting until they get paid and want to be able to find your item without searching all of eBay for it when it may have already sold. Or they haven't quite made up their mind. There are lots of possible reasons, I suppose.

  €dstowe 14:29 19 Jul 2007

Very often buy-it-nows are done by businesses who have a number of the same item for sale. Watchers may be waiting for the item to end, feedback given and then buy the next one if the feedback is positive.

Just a thought.

  Si_L 14:30 19 Jul 2007

Watching is a good way of 'tagging' an item you want, then going somewhere else on the internet to see if you can find it cheaper. If you can't, it is easy to go back to the item and buy it, without the need to search again.

There are other reasons a person could be watching a BIN item.

  pj123 14:42 19 Jul 2007

Thanks, Guys. Three other views of "watching" that I never thought of and all good reasons.

It is a relisting, it was on as an auction item before with a "collect only" condition. The winning bidder then emailed me and asked if I could deliver it. When I refused, he asked me to cancel his bid, which I did.

  Seth Haniel 14:56 19 Jul 2007

probably 'Big Brother' :)

  Diemmess 15:48 19 Jul 2007

When I am the seller, I welcome the interest of watchers.

Some may be there for the reasons already given though I don't do "buy-it-now."

Recently sold for someone else, a Power Mac with matching monitor.
At the beginning of the last hour there were 44 watchers for the box and 40 for the monitor. Both achieved a realistic price.

  pj123 17:00 19 Jul 2007

Diemmess, yes I agree. I welcome watchers on auctions. The more the merrier as it gives me the impression that there will be a fight in the last few minutes of the auction.

I do the same thing, at the moment I am watching 4 items, all of which are less than 4 hours to go. I also have the maximum bid I will go to so if it goes higher than that I don't want to know.

I have seen items going on eBay auctions for more than I could buy them from my local shop.

I always check out the brand new price I would have to pay before bidding on eBay.

The item I have for sale is £1250 new. I bought it used on eBay 10 months ago for £287. I can't use it anymore now so it is up for sale (second, secondhand) for £160

  laurie53 20:45 19 Jul 2007

I often watch "Buy It Now" items.

Sometimes I don't want to buy straight away, or can't afford to without transfer of funds, sometimes I want to see if one will come up cheaper on auction.

Watching simply gives me a reminder

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