Zoostorm Q8200 pc + Samsung SM923NW monitor

  CLONNEN 18:24 09 Jun 2009

My brother has just bought from Ebuyer

Zoostorm Desktop PC, Quad Core Q8200 2.33GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, 9800GT Graphics, Silver / Gloss Black Case, Vista Home Premium
click here

Samsung SyncMaster SM923NW 19" TFT Monitor 1440x900 300cd/m2 1000:1 5ms 16:9 VGA Silver 3 Years Warranty
click here

The monitor came with a blue VGA cable (at least we think it is a VGA cable - no paperwork to say what it is). But it cannot connect to the pc's graphics card connections (2 white sockets). It is an nVIDIA® GeForce 9800GT 512MB DDR3 graphics card.

We tried connecting to the VGA socket on the upper part of the back of the pc but the monitor doesn't display anything when the pc power button is pressed.

We are now worried because the instructions say do not turn off the pc until the inital setup has finished. But we have done because the monitor didn't work. Does this mean the pc won't work at all now? Should we send the whole thing back?

There are no setup disks or manuals stating how to set it up manually. If we ever figure out how to connect the monitor to the graphics card.

  Pineman100 18:34 09 Jun 2009

Here's the manual for your monitor: click here

Zoostorm don't seem to have a manual download on their (under construction) site yet. Are you sure there isn't a manual on the hard drive somewhere?

  CLONNEN 19:10 09 Jun 2009

There is a booklet with the pc but it just goes on about what ports it has, BIOS settings and about all the pre-installed software that comes with the pc.

Doesn't tell us anything about setting up the pc for the first time because according to the single piece of paper that comes with it no knowledge is required as it should all run automatically the first time you Power On. But without a working monitor we cannot see what the on-screen instructions are. The computer is still in sleep mode (we think) not actually off. We have disconnected the monitor.

The monitor works with our older computers with VGA connectors. We do not have anything with a DVI connector. Is the white socket DVI?

  Woolwell 19:24 09 Jun 2009

The white sockets are most likely to be DVI. Your 9800 GT probabaly has 2 of them. But your monitor appears to be VGA only. You can get adaptors click here but EBuyer should have sold you a monitor with the right connections.

  CLONNEN 19:28 09 Jun 2009

My brother picked both items himself Ebuyer didn't recommend that monitor. I think he just assumed it would connect since the pc description mentions the VGA port in its specifications. Doesn't mention on the page that the included graphics card has DVI only.

  Woolwell 19:32 09 Jun 2009

On your link it states 2 DVI - no mention of VGA.

  CLONNEN 19:43 09 Jun 2009

Hang about - no the page doesn't mention VGA anywhere it says 2 x DVI - I think my brother has screwed up.

Is there any way we can return the pc to Ebuyer and get our money back?

Looking at their reasons for return should we put the item as

Faulty on Arrival (if not faulty when tested by them it gets returned to customer and they are charged for carriage)

Faulty under Warranty (Warranty Repair service)

Item Not Required (but it says item must not be used and as new and must be returned at customer expense but original purchase value will be refunded)

  Woolwell 20:10 09 Jun 2009

Nothing wrong with the PC - wrong monitor. Try changing that.

  CLONNEN 20:20 09 Jun 2009

According to the piece of paper about Zoostorm pc setup :

Failure to follow these instructions may render your PC inoperable.

Depending on the model purchased, your new Zoostorm PC may be equipped with a separate graphics card. Please see Fig. 1 for details of how to connect your monitor. Incorrectly connecting your monitor will result in a non-functioning PC.

Windows Vista Initial Setup

When you power on your PC for the first time, please do not switch it off again until the Initial setup process has finished and Windows Vista is up and running. Switching off your PC during the inital setup period will result in a non-functioning PC.

It gives a Zoostorm Support Line 0870 850 3063

The bit about incorrectly connecting the monitor is what worries me. Does it mean we have voided the warranty by doing this?

  CLONNEN 06:52 10 Jun 2009

How much would it cost to send both the monitor and the pc back to Ebuyer as Not Required? Does it matter that we have torn the plastic off everything?

Why didn't their Checkout tell us that the monitor wouldn't connect to the pc?

My parents used their debit card to pay for everything. Will they be able to get their money back?

  AlanHo 08:00 10 Jun 2009

Why not speak to the supplier about the problem - EBuyer are a good company and should be able to recommend a replacement monitor with a DVI connection.

There is no need to return the computer - just the monitor. It is unlikely the computer will have suffered any harm in being run without a monitor properly connected. Once a DVI connected monitor is plugged in the operating system will recognise it.

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