Zoom Function on Dell Laptop UsingTouchpad

  SURVEY 11:26 13 Feb 2015

I used to be able to zoom in or out of the screen using two fingers on the touchpad. This no longer works despite cleaning the touchpad. I can zoom using Control + or -. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong and what I can do about it? I have checked the synaptics driver and Dell reports it is working OK.

I must admit that I have used dell computers and laptops for many years but my current laptop (XPS L502X)is the worst for reliability. Have Dell lost the plot since they started producing for the likes of PC World etc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:58 13 Feb 2015
  SURVEY 14:32 13 Feb 2015

Hi Fruit Bat. Mine runs Windows 7 and not Windows 8. What I am trying to establish really - is the touchpad itself at fault and if so I then must decide if its worth getting replaced.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 13 Feb 2015

The drivers linked to in the article are for windows 7 and containg the gesture aspects you are looking for.

check the touchpad properties to see if you have disable the getures if not then uninstall the drivers and install the ones from the link to see if that solves your problem.

  SURVEY 16:34 13 Feb 2015

Fruit Bat. Once agin, thanks. I did download the new drivers but stopped short of installing them. Created a restore point but then thought I would look at the files listed under the touchpad device; these were unsurprisingly dated 2011 (purchasedate of laptop). I located a setup file and clicked on. Restareted the laptop and the zoom/pinch works again. So somehow one of the driver files must have been corrupted; interestingly nothing else on the touchpad was affected. Thanks again and fingers crossed all will continue working.

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