zonelabs security suite - spyware still comming

  pookie 10:15 24 Sep 2006


windows xp home sp2 with all windows updates.

i did use avg free, zonelabs firewall free, adaware but then bought zonelabs security suite with firewall, anti virus and antispyware all in one. It updates automtaically for virus and spyware updates. All seemed ok for sometime but recently i seem to be getting lots of spyware through. i have not changed any settings. zonelabs is meant to stop the spyware before it gets on the pc but should remove any that does slip through. adaware picked up 13 critical files last night that zonelabs didn't.

on that basis i'm worried that there may also be viruses on my system that zonelabs isn't detecting.

have you had any probelms with zonelabs security suite? is it worth going back to the free versions of different products and if so is avg anti virus still the best free one?

many thanks


  anskyber 10:32 24 Sep 2006

No I have not had the trouble you describe. I also use AdAware and it occasionally picks up things it describes as critical but are in fact just cookies.

Have you got the settings for cookies in ZA? Its under privacy. Is your Spy site blocking enabled, it is in addition to anti spyware on.

  pookie 10:44 24 Sep 2006

many thanks for your reply.

spysite blocking is enabled. however settings for cookie control was off. ad blocking and mobile code control were also off. Do you have yours set to high/on or at medium settings?

  anskyber 10:55 24 Sep 2006

Medium. If the settings are placed too high then some sites can be difficult to access. I found that the Environment Agency site would not load for me for example.

The alternative is to leave it to your browser. Assuming you are using IE 6 or IE 7 then it is simple to control things from there. Tools>internet options>Privacy>Advanced and select prompt for first party cookies and block third patry cookies. Allow session cookies. Any cookie will then be under your control

  anskyber 10:56 24 Sep 2006

My mobile code control is set at off but you can see how it goes if you enable it.

  pookie 11:05 24 Sep 2006

many thanks - i'll set it to medium.

i've been searching old posts and zonealarm does not seem to rate too highly for it's ani virus. I may keep zonealarm firwall and anti spyware but disable its anti virus and run avg anti virus instead. However i see avg do a firewall version as well!! it would drive you mad all the various options.

  anskyber 11:12 24 Sep 2006

Read this before you do. click here

  pookie 11:22 24 Sep 2006

nice - one. i'll stick to zonealarm security suite then

  pookie 13:03 25 Sep 2006

as an update in the anti spyware options it is set to 'quick scan' as default when you run test for spyware. in the advanced section you can set this to scan full system or deep system scan.

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