ZONEALARM will not load after error message

  johnbull 14:05 17 Feb 2004

On some occasions when I start my computer I recieve a error mesage i.e. Validation failed for C:\PROGRA~1\ZONEALA~1\ZONEAL~1privacy.zap. The firewall then does not load, and on some occasions the message stays on the screen and will not delete, which means re-starting the computer two or three times before it loads properly. I run Windows XP with an Athlone 1800 processor, I have removed the Programme and re-installed it, but still the problem persists. I would appreciate any help to rectify this annoying problem. Regards johnbull

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:08 17 Feb 2004

Is this ZA pro with the passwords set in id lock?
it may be telling u someone has tried to find out your info,when u reinstall u need to delete the file that is usually in a temp file in doc settings/your user name/temp they dont show up unless u set show all files and then if the file is corrupt may not anyway.You could always try reinstalling your info.


  anon1 15:13 17 Feb 2004

Open zone alarm (when it is running) and stop the privacy option. See if that clears it. When you reinstall zone alarm have you first removed it completely and all the asscociated files. Leaving any files behind will make zone alarm reinstall pick up previous data including bad data.

  johnbull 17:57 19 Feb 2004

A nickname I'm sorry thatI had'nt made it clear i.e. Zonealarm Pro.etc. it is the Free version.

annon1 I must confess that I simply removed it via the Windows Remove programme, and re-installed it!
However, when it becomes too much of a nuisance I'll do what you suggeted.

Many thanks to both of you.
Regards johnbull

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