Zonealarm Warnings on XP Network

  skidzy 15:43 12 May 2007

Ok i shall try to explain clearly whats going on with my Network.

Two Laptops and two Desktop pc's all running AVG free coupled with Zonealarm Firewall free,all xp sp2 fully updated machines.

One desktop pc connected directly to the router via ethernet,all other machines are wireless and secure.

Now the little problem i have is:

The other desktop that is not connected by ethernet keeps trying to access one of the laptops,here Zonealarm kicks in with its red warning and blocks this.

I know its coming from the wireless desktop as the address is shown within the ZA warning.This is confirmed by running ipconfig on the problem pc that is trying to access the laptop.

Now i seem to think its just pinging the laptop looking for the router,this desktop is the furthest from the router.

Its not a major issue but something i would like to get to the bottom of.

Av's have been run and all antispyware apps have been run too on all machines,and all looks ok.

Hope you all can understand this.

All the computers are very well looked after and updated regulary (weekly) if not daily.

As always all advice welcome and appreciated.

  skidzy 12:25 13 May 2007

Any ideas people ?

  Batch 13:57 13 May 2007

I have ZA setup (under its Firewall section) with a Local Net. E.g.

Name: Local Net
IP Address Site:
Entry Type: IP Range
Zone: Trusted

This allows each PC to access the other local ones without forever prompting or failing.

Can't say specifically why your Dtop is trying to access your lappie. Systems do poll the network on occassions and it could be that.

  skidzy 17:18 13 May 2007

Hello Batch

Thankyou for the reply.

I have these four machines setup so that file sharing is not possible,so basically the opposite of your setup.
You have enlightened me a little as i may have in the past allowed an alert to access the lappy and then after the big recent ZA update then deny this action,which in this case would account for the unauthorized access warning.

I think i will have to have the lappy beside the desktop in question and check the settings from the trusted zone between the two.

Though i still think its trying to find the router and in its search for the signal and picks up the lappy first....not to sure how that could work though.

Batch thankyou for your input,and if any more ideas....please feel free to post them.

Think this is going to be a matter of elimination.

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