Is Zonealarm rubbish or is it me

  Nessie 10:35 15 Jan 2006

I have a belkin adsl router with a firewall. I didnt think I would need another firewall on each pc but apparently I do. I have tried the free Zonalarm on all pc's but it does not seem to allow communiction between PC's even when set up in Trusted. Now I have uninstalled them which is an experience I would not like to repeat as some of it had to be done manually. So is it rubbish or should it have worked. Having looked on the ZA site there seem to be a lot of problems woth instaler/uninstallers.

  Nessie 11:08 15 Jan 2006

Trying to reinstall ZA5.5 as suggested in other forums but it will not install. Will go as far as entering email and then when I press install button nothing happens at all

  spuds 11:51 15 Jan 2006

ZoneAlarm is a well recommended product, both free and purchased versions. I have used the free version for as long as I can remember, and it hasn't given any problem so far.

If you are trying to re-install, then make sure that you have removed the previous attempt, and start from fresh. There was a problem with installation, when the new version was released, but this now seems to have been resolved.

If you are satisfied with the Belkin firewall, then use that only, there is very little chance that an hackers going to target your system. As a thought, do you use Windows XP, if so, you may have that firewall on which is causing a confliction problem. Check and disable, if necessary.

  Jackcoms 11:54 15 Jan 2006

"Is Zonealarm rubbish or is it me".

It's you.

  jakimo 12:13 15 Jan 2006

I hardly think so,more likely your pc configuration

  PaulB2005 12:16 15 Jan 2006

Make sure you have your network in the Trusted Zone too...

Firewall section, Zones tab, single left click the Zones column on your Home Network and select Trusted.

  User-312386 12:21 15 Jan 2006

Zone Alarm is the best

There are alternatives though

I love sygate firewall click here

  handful 12:35 15 Jan 2006

Zone Alarm is a good product MOST of the time but if you get a problem and need to uninstall completely it is a nightmare as the true vector engine files get everywhere. So no Nessie, I don't necessarlily think it is you as I believe a programme should be as easy to uninstall as it should be to install and use. Having said that, I still use it!

  palinka 17:10 15 Jan 2006

I used to use ZA but switched to Sygate. partly because I encountered a conflict using ZA but mostly just a matter of personal preference.
To remove every last bit of original ZA installation (as others have recommended)try start>search>all files & folders and type in "zone alarm". Delete all it finds.

  961 17:21 15 Jan 2006

Has Sygate not been taken over by Norton?

  ade.h 17:46 15 Jan 2006

Yes. It will be phased out soon.

I exclusively use Kerio (now fully supported by Sunbelt, which is offering the full version for $15 to promote it) and Outpost. The latter is now available in a light version in addition to the full version.

Kerio and, in particular, Outpost rank as the most configurable software firewalls around.

If Zonealarm or another product gives problems, experiment with Kerio or Outpost Lite.

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