ZoneAlarm programme alerts query

  Landy Man 12:54 23 Jul 2003

I am using ZoneAlarm as a firewall, as recenly supplied on a PC Advisor cover disk. It's good!!. I am amamazed at the number of incoming info requests that it has blocked. A few things puzzle me, that I would apprecite some input on.

1. I am getting a request from a prograqmme called LEXPPS.EXE for info. The direction is Incoming(listen). What is this? LEXPPS.EXE is Windows System program, what does it do? The attempt is blocked and everything works as normal.

2. I am getting repeated requests from 'Distributed COM services' for info. The direction is Incoming(listen). What or who is this? The attempt is always blocked and everything works as normal.

3. Lastly, I see to my annoyance I am still getting the LiveUpdate engine COM module trying to gain outgoing internet access. This seems a left over form Norton utilities that I had on this computer. I have uninstalled this, and run the Startup Manager prograqmme to try to find where it is hiden but to no avail. How can I get rid of it?

Many thanks for any help


  MichelleC 13:10 23 Jul 2003

For the 1st it's a Lexmark exe file, so if you're registered they're just logging onto you via their cookie.

I can't help for the 2nd.

The 3rd is a registration issue in your HOTKEYS, which when the file/s are deleted should help:
RUN/ type regedit, explore LOCAL MACHINE_Software
_Symantec_ (and probably DJSUserData). But if you haven't been in registry before make a backup just in case.

  MichelleC 13:15 23 Jul 2003

...sorry, got me norton's mixed up...

That should be HKEYS_LOCAL MACHINE_Software_Zone Labs/Registration. Phewh!

  Peverelli 13:34 23 Jul 2003

From: click here

...DCOM (Distributed COM services) is installed by default with Win2k and NT (as of SP4). Though not initially installed with Win9x, it can be downloaded from the MS DCOM site. It may also be installed by many other applications or updates, including IE 5. From the MS DCOM site.

...Networks and Workgroups may use DCOM to access resources on secure corporate networks. Home users usually don't need to have DCOM active. It all depends on what applications users choose to use. Each user must investigate their own systems to determine if DCOM is being used for what they consider a legitimate purpose or necessary function.

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