ZoneAlarm Pro update available

  TOPCAT® 15:17 23 Jun 2004

It is version: 5.0.590.043 and (quote!) gives improved performance and increased stability.

There should be an update to the free version now or coming very soon. TC.

  misog 17:24 23 Jun 2004

I thought version 5 was the free version . I have just updated to 5.0.590.043.

  The Spires 17:27 23 Jun 2004

Free version link click here

  misog 17:34 23 Jun 2004

Which downloads version 5.0.590.043

  misog 17:34 23 Jun 2004

Which downloads version 5.0.590.043

  TOPCAT® 17:36 23 Jun 2004

It could be they are using the same numbers for all versions of ZA. Keeps everything nice and easy for a change. ;o) TC.

  grumpz 19:55 23 Jun 2004

I've just updated my free version to 5.0.590.043 and now can't access most web sites.The configuration is the same but if I turn Zone Alarm off the problem goes away.I uninstalled the programme and reinstalled from their web site but the problem was the same.I tried getting help from Zone Alarms web site but it just went round in circles,it is one of those virtual help things.Anyone got any ideas?

  misog 21:02 23 Jun 2004

Look at the forum click here it seems to be a common problem with this update. But it works fine for me.

  TOPCAT® 21:10 23 Jun 2004

I should install the previous version if you still have it or do a system restore, if you are using WinXP/Me, back to before you upgraded.

I can't actually see any changes made when I updated my ZA Pro, but it is just as stable as previously on my PC using WinMe. Sorry to hear you're having problems. TC.

  TOPCAT® 21:16 23 Jun 2004

This URL from misog's link may be of help to you and others. I hope so. TC.

click here

  sattman 15:01 24 Jun 2004

Grumpz when you upgraded did you opt for the full new programme or the alternative update to original

The new programme option worked no problem here on Win ME

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