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  ened 15:28 26 May 2004

Hi there:
This morning I upgraded ZoneAlarm (They notified me there was an update available) and it has caused my computer to freeze whilst on line.
I have uninstalled it and restored the system to yesterday but have lost the configuration which worked;ie although it is in the Start menu the folder is empty.
Two questions really:

1) Is it me?

2) Can someone direct me to an alternative Free Firewall please?

Actually three questions: Has anybody else had this problem?

  Stuartli 15:43 26 May 2004

I installed the latest version of ZA over 4.5.538.0 without any problems.

The only thing I can suggest is to do a completely new clean install of the latest version and reconfigure it.

  ened 15:47 26 May 2004

I have downloaded a clean version and installed it but the result is the same.
IE connects as does OE then ZA informs me someone tried to access Port 1012 and everything freezes.
Something odd here because it was working alright up until I downloaded the upgrade.
I am currently running without a firewall - do you know of any others?

  ened 16:05 26 May 2004

with ZA.
Has any body any ideas?
I need a firewall other than XP's own

  Djohn 16:16 26 May 2004

The first thing is not to worry about your firewall. Someone will offer several alternatives or a fix for your present one.

If your anti-virus application and Microsoft patches are up to date then nothing will harm your PC.

For the time being if it will make you feel more comfortable then disable Zonealarm and turn on XP's firewall but it's not strictly necessary if you have the above protection in place.

  thms 16:16 26 May 2004

According to the Zone Alarm site problems abound.
There appear to be problems with AOL,NAV2004,Macafee to name a few.

Installed on my system ok though. If I knew there were these problems I might have been a bit more wary.

If you still have the older version reload that.

  ened 16:20 26 May 2004

for that peace of mind.

thms Do you know if it is still possible to get your hands on the previous version? When I downloaded this version I deleted the download for the previous version (A lesson I didn't need to learn - should have known better)

  thms 16:34 26 May 2004

Go to here click here

download the pdf file for version 5 and look up
troublshooting internet connections.

  ened 16:45 26 May 2004


  Djohn 16:54 26 May 2004

I'll start you off with a couple ened. Not tried them myself as I don't use one but others recommend them. click here click here

  iambeavis 16:55 26 May 2004

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