Zonealarm (free version) and broadband.

  albu 07:29 01 May 2004

Is the free version of zonealarm good enough to use with broadband or should I use the packaged Mcafee personal firewall plus?

If I decide to stay with zonealarm will I have to remove or re-set it in order to accept the change from dial-up to broadband modem?

Many Thanks

  acfc 07:41 01 May 2004

I have been using the free version of Zonealarm with Broadband for about 18 months and am more than satisfied with it ~ and I'm a bit paranoid about security! (even though a hacker probably doesn't want my holiday pics etc)

No you won't have to reconfigure when you connect to Broadband. Any program that requires access to the internet shall request it and you can decide to allow once or permanently. If you upgrade a program Zonealarm will ask the next time it tries to connect to verify you are still happy to allow the connection.

Dead easy and free!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:11 01 May 2004

There is no reason for a home computer user to get the pro version. The pro version has a couple more 'buttons' but they both provide the same cover and there seems to be some sort of belief that the paid for version of a firewall or AV will give better protection....proof that advertising works;-)).

There is virtually no chance of you getting haked on a home computer, contrary to general belief. Any well-known firewall will do although I tend to recommend Outpost from click here as it seems to use less resources and does not have the bonkers 'alerts' that zonealarms has.


  Gongoozler 10:23 01 May 2004

You can download ZoneAlarm Pro as a 30 day free trial click here. When I updated my ZoneAlarm, the free trial of the Pro version loaded automatically. The main benefits were that it scanned emails for viruses (my Norton AV does that anyway), it has a popup stopper (I already have free Popup Stopper installed), it has hacker tracking (useful for a commercial enterprise, but of limited use to the rest of us). I think the basic firewall function is the same in the free and the Pro versions. I think ZoneAlarm is a superb firewall, but couldn't see the point in paying £50 for the Pro version.

  Smiler 10:25 01 May 2004

Totally agree with acfc. I have had broadband for two years and have used ZA free version without problems

  The Belarussian Mafia 10:35 01 May 2004

I'm also using the free version of ZA with broadband, but I switch it off when the kids are playing games, as it frequently makes them crash. (I've got the bb modem set up so I'm not online unless I want to be - so as to make sure I'm not vulnerable when the firewall is off.) I've been wondering whether another firewall might not have such problems - it does seem to be a flaw with ZA.

  Gongoozler 10:44 01 May 2004

Any firewall can clash with some computer configurations, as can antivirus software. A very good alternative that often works when ZoneAlarm doesn't is Sygate Personal Firewall which you can download free from here click here

  Taw® 11:30 01 May 2004

I used ZA free for a number of months however I have my two kids connected to my comp for internet access. Through a hub. ZA free does not let you configure to allow the other comps to access the net, so when the kids wanted on I had to disable it. I have since moved to the pro version (that is now near renewal) with the only benefit of not having to disable my firewall for the kids to access the net. Therefore a waste of my preciuos resources.

Gongoozler does the free sygate allow networking? and the outpost Gandalf?
I can concur with Gandalf as his views have been well publicised throughout the forum,and I must say have made me more knowledgable in this complicated area, however like most, not that worldly wise on the matters of technology I tend to go with my paranoia.

  Gongoozler 08:29 02 May 2004

Hi Taw®. I've not tried Sygate Personal Firewall, or networked computers, so I can't answer your question, but it's a free download so give it a try.

  spuds 17:52 02 May 2004

If you use ZoneAlarm and your O/S is XP, make sure that the XP firewall is disabled, otherwise you may find that you will have problems, especially via BB connection.

  spuds 17:55 02 May 2004

A little more info click here

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